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Happy iOS 6 People

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by SamGabbay, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Way to many threads about how iOS 6 is a flop.

    I am here to say I LOVE the new Update and anyone who feels the same way...

    Post away!
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    Count me in. Can't wait to upgrade my 4S and ipad3!!!!!!!
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    Maps and a simple turn-by-turn navigation were the only thing I see that Android had over iOS.

    That has been taken care of.

    Siri on the new IPad and and airplay on OSX have made me very, very happy.

    I don't want a UI change. I love the UI...I want more features.
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    I am extremely pleased by what I saw in the presentation and then on apple.com. I am happy.

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    - What about quick toggles for Bluetooth/WiFi etc?
    - What about the share API (so you can share to all of your services, not just the ones of Apple's choosing) ?
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    Having Apples own mapping app and turn by turn navigation made me happy. The new stuff Siri can do is also welcome. I can't wait to update to iOS 6!
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    from what iv sen and read,
    I'm happy with it

    the iPhone 4, seems to be getting most of it
    and thats great

    I'm looking forward to spring when it comes out
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    Well, according to CNET, Android is killing iPhone because it has icons in the status bar so...

    Just like the "feature" up above, if this is really the sole reason why you pick an Android phone over an iPhone then you must be one of those people who are never happy with anything they get.
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    It's not why I choose Android, I was just listing a couple of features that are widely recognised as being superior on Android - even by Apple users.
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    I do agree that they're useful features I would enjoy.

    Does that automatically make Android the ultimate superior OS? No, not at all. It's something that I would enjoy, but I don't think Android is any better.

    To be honest, I think that Windows Phone is the best mobile OS.
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    I was responding to this part of the person I quoted's comment:

    "Maps and a simple turn-by-turn navigation were the only thing I see that Android had over iOS."

    I wasn't suggesting Android was better (although I do believe that - for phones anyway).
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    for me...meh

    Would be a feature that may save me two clicks here and there but nowhere near the frustration trade off of dealing with Android... I had a Droid from my previous job and hated that thing
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    You probably just had a bad phone. All of Apple's phones have been flagship, to get a similar experience on Android you need to buy a flagship phone from a top manufacturer.
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    I just saw this first look video on YouTube. There aren't quick toggles BUT they did move the Bluetooth toggle out of the settings>general. Now it's grouped in on the main settings menu where the airplane mode and WiFi toggles are.


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