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Happy May Day

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by j26, May 1, 2006.

  1. j26
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    Well, it's International Labour Day, so hi all, and enjoy

    Here's just a little reminder of part of the reason we celebrate today. These people died in the struggle for an 8 hour working day in Chicago in May 1886.


    Remember them when you are lazing about, enjoying the fruits of their sacrifice.
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    I'm working today. :rolleyes:
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    Same here- kinda, I am at college so that counts....right? ;) :)
  4. Guest


    What's an 8-hour day?
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    Good question, few work that long. ;) :)
  6. j26
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    Used to exist before conservatism won out;)
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    I'd say so!
    I'm not in uni today, but the misses is at work today.
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    Thanks for the support Gil_Grissom! :D

    Making her work in your place....how cruel. ;) :)
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    Hehe! Unfortunately I don't work in a woman's clothes shop! :confused:

    My work is shut today, back tomorrow :(
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    Kind of funny how May day is in celebration of a stuggle that took place in Chicago, but the day seems more celebrated outside of the United States. I honestly didn't even know what May Day was until today. I have never had off from work or heard anyone even talk about this day.
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    On my iCal it says bank holiday/May day. Are the banks closed today?
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    well i spent my day hanging around relaxing an doing a little bit for university and a small walk in the afternoon
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    Thomas Veil

    Sunday, April 30th, my co-worker and I were covering a local parade in town. Sunday was Loyalty Day.

    I know, I'd never heard of it before either. But it really exists. It's supposed to be a day for reaffirming our loyalty to the United States. I told my boss I thought that was supposed to be the 4th of July. ;) But anyway.

    So we're setting up to cover this dumb parade, and as this car approaches, the driver sees our truck and cameras and the flag-decorated parade route, and he pulls over to ask, "What's the parade for?" We explained the Loyalty Day thing, and he said, "Oh. I thought maybe we were celebrating the Communist revolution." :D
  14. j26
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    From Wikipedia:
    "President Bush )the stupidest, gayest, butt recivingest bitch ever) has attempted to co-opt this day by making it "Patriotism Day"."

    Ironic isn't it - the proto-fascist assimilating a socialist/anarchist day.

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