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Happy Owl Clutch/Wallet Accepting Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by alia, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I was excited to see that these cases were accepting pre-orders, but I'm upset that they aren't going to be made of genuine leather. I really, really don't like to purchase PVC/fake leather for my shoes, bags, etc. I can understand if someone has an aversion to leather for vegan reasons, but it's just not how I am. I would prefer to have something made of leather that will wear well and not look cheap (especially at their price point of $65). I was definitely going to buy a Happy Owl clutch before, but now I'm pretty sure I won't. Maybe if they release a leather version or I can go into the Apple Store at some point and touch it to see if it feels like plastic, I will consider it. So sad, because I was looking forward to that case.

    I guess I will be going with Vaja and maybe an Abas slip case. Happy Owl was the best folio style I had seen though. Time to re-evaluate!

    For those interested, the cases ship in June and you can pre-order for $15 deposit with a final price of $65.
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    Yeah, I have. I'm kind of hoping that M-Edge will do something for the ipad similar to what they have for the Kindle. The Icon Jacket (http://www.medgestore.com/products/kindle2-icon.psp). I think I actually like it better than the executive. Here's to hoping!
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    Hmmm, I need more pictures - especially at that price.

    real pictures, with STUFF in the front part.

    I'm still pondering what i'm going to do - i have to wait a week to order a case anyway, so these days that can give me lots more choices! LOL!!

    Right now the Speck candy thing with the flip out for the dock is actually wining in my head (mine will have littles using it - i like the thought of some grip on it).
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    Wow 65... no leather and June release date? Weren't they talking about having a deal with some retailer back in March? I'm going to hold off and see if there are better options now :(
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    My problem with this type of case is the sides are unprotected. I've been waiting for the HO cases since they cover all the sides of the case even when closed.
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    Chris Rogers


    I will also wait for someone to be a guinea pig. See how it holds up after a month or 2
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    Been checking the Happy Owl site daily since before the iPad came out. Saw this today and then came over to MacRumors to see if there was a post about it already. :)

    June is a little upsetting. I don't mind the $65 price.

    I think I'll bite. I have a cheap netbook sleeve that's been doing the trick until I found the perfect case. I think this is it!
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    Does anyone have any dimensions for these? I don't know whether to get the deluxe or wallet. I'm worried that it'll be be too thick.
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    Not that anyone cares, but I decided to go with this case: http://www.senacases.com/apple/apple-ipad-cases/ultraslim-cases/ for now.

    It is just a simple leather sleeve, but I feel like I want more time to select a more feature-rich case. I am hoping vaja comes out with one of the ones featured on their site that looks quilted which is not yet actually available to buy. I'm also going to wait for reviews on some of the folio cases like the Abas, M-Edge etc to come out before I commit to plunking down cash on one. The ultraslim I can see just dumping into my purse or another bag when I want to have the ipad (and no other bulk) with me. I picked the one in baby blue, although I was torn between that and copper for a good 10 minutes. :)

    Also, I found the coupon PCWIPNK11 which give you 20% off the pre-order prices for all Sena cases. So, enjoy anyone who might want one of their cases.
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    Kinda hesitant to fork over even 15 bucks to a company that wont even list a telephone number...!!
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    I really like the Clutch, it looks very stylish, the lack of information is slightly off putting...
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    I gave them $15. The most appealing factor is the ability to hold my phone too. I haven't yet found a case that does that, so I figure it's worth the chance.
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    Anyone else get the email this morning?! Looks very exciting and promising, updates are:
    -actual photos
    -approx. shipping
    -pricing and discounts
    -(edit) also a new shoulder strap that's attachable

    It's very tempting especially the plain one for $50 in gray leather, check out the site as it looks good. The $25 off only lasts until July 16 so I may order now even though I don't have my iPad yet :D
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    It looks way better, but, It appears it is a no go on holding papers or anything in the front part because of size.

    I dont know why i thought it could do it, but holding a piece of paper up to the iPad it wasn't ever owing to work.

    That kinda makes me have to step back and ponder more as to what I'd use it for. I unfortunelty can't get away without carry some papers on my weeks travels.

    But I'm still thinking about it.....
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    Since they announced the leather, I went ahead and put down a deposit. I was looking for a stylish case that I could use to just carry the iPad and phone, cards, cash, etc when going out and not wanting to bring my whole handbag, so this looks perfect. The shoulder strap is a great addition as well. It wouldn't replace my work bag, but that woudnt happen anyway with the amount of files and such that I bring home from the office. I was the one who originally encouraged them to add the blue, but I was hoping for more of a bright aqua, so I went ahead and put a deposit on the red. I'm glad they listened on the leather though!
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    I don't think i'm excited about the color choices. I thought it was brown - but it is black. I'm not a black leather bag fan for some reason. I think i'd want the strap, which eliminates the other version - which i like better because there are no pleats.

    Gee, i'm still picky and really want this funky bag i found on Esty but defeats the dressier/plain bag purpose i was going for.... guess i have to keep saving up for the Muzzetto.
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    i guess because of the leather material, the shape is softer, maybe more fitting. doesn't look quite as clean as the original model, but i'm thinking it will feel better.

    the original model

    the new model

    One of the things i'm wondering is how thick the bezel portion is. In one picture it seems thicker than in the other one.

    thick bezel

    not as thick bezel

    The other thing i'm wondering is how secure the ipad is if you open up the folio so that the opening is on the bottom. What's the likelihood that it'll fall out?

    Probably on the short list of cases that I really like, but it's so hard when you can't see/feel it first.
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    I didn't get the email - what were the color options for the wallet lite?

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