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Happy Owl Clutch

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by TigerBabe, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Does anyone have one if so how do you like it? Also could you post pics of it please?
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    I just bought the Wallet, which is very similar. Sort of pleased with it, but a little disappointed with the overall quality, bearing in mind the price. The zips are quite flimsy and I'm not sure how long they'll last, and the leather - although has a nice feel to it - is thin enough that the zips on the inside of the case show through, and are beginning to leave marks on the outside of the case... A bit hard to explain, I can try to post pics tomorrow if I can track down my camera. In addition, the inside cover is a lovely soft material, that unfortunately was ruined quite quickly as this is the side that sits on the table when you put the ipad in typing position- any dirt or moisture marks the material instantly- I do wish this has been a more hardy material.

    iPad fits well inside it though and it's handy to have the zip compartments - but you really can't out that much inside it comfortably as the leather is so thin so the photos on the website are pretty misleading. If you fill it as full as they do on the website, it bulges and you can't put it in typing position.

    It's ok, a nice concept, but really needs some improvements in my opinion. Got stung on the international postage too- but this won't be a problem if you're based in the States.
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    Thank you for your review it was very helpful. I would like to see your pix of the wallet please.

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