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Happy with your iPod Photo?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dont24, Mar 24, 2005.

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    I'm looking to buy my first iPod. I was looking at the 6GB mini, until I received a $30 coupon from Apple. Have to spend $300 or more. Mini is $249. 30GB Photo would be $319 after the $30 coupon. Now it's only a $70 difference, for the extra 24GB of storage plus photo capabilities. What do you think?
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    I think it sounds good.

    How did you get the 30 dollar coupon though :p.

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    Email from Apple.
    Subject: Thank you for your iTunes Support.
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    Did you get it for downloading iTunes?

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    No idea. I haven't downloaded much. Just purchased my first Mac and joined iTunes ~1 month ago.
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    I love my photo so far. Can't say I use the photo features much, but it helps me sleep at night knowing I have a full backup of iTunes and iPhoto (not to mention all my work documents too).

    For those without a coupon, Buy.com has 30 GB iPods for $329 (free shipping).

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    When Apple released the new 30/60 GB iPod Photos I did a quick search at my local resellers home page and they had the old 40/60 GBs in stock at a much discounted price - I picked up a 40 to replace my 20 GB 3G iPod I can't fault it at all, the hi res colour screen is much nicer than my old one - so yeah I'm happy. I don't know what I think about the new iPod Photos with all the stuff missing, any chance you can find an older model?
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    What do you mean "missing stuff". Did the old 40GB come with more accessories?
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    The "Old' 40 had a dock and a firewire cable as well as the USB cable. It might have even included a case (Not 100% sure n that one) The new photos just have the USB cable and power adaptor.
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    I don't regret my 60GB photo one bit. I haven't really used the photo viewing except for album art yet. The extra storage will keep me going for some time.

    Yes, the "old" 60/40 models did include the case (and a drawstring bag). Mine's in there right now.
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    I bought the 40GB iPod Photo when it was released and I have had ZERO problems. I love it! There have been plenty of times where I have busted it out just to show people pictures (more opportunities arise than one would think). The battery life is awesome too!
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    I know what you mean about the opps for showing off photos. I was at work this morning and ran into a group that I had not seen in a while. They asked about my kids and out came the iPod. I flashed a mental picture of the guy pulling out his wallet with the accordian fold of pictures. I love it!!!!

    BTW I see you are a UK fan.. I am too but if they end up playing the Ville in the final game they are going down... (like that will really happen..) I think UK has the better shot, but you never know...

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