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Hard Drive Back Up?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by triton, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to backup my iTunes Library (along with some photos) to an external Hard Drive (Lacie?). However, I am kind of clueless when it comes to doing these types of things.

    I haven't purchased the drive yet, but essentially are these the best steps below?

    1. Plug in drive to Firewire or USB 2.0
    2. Deauthorize current computer.
    3. Drag and Drop Music Folder to External Hard Drive (Help me on this one. Do I need to just drag and drop, or export in iTunes or what??):confused:

    When it comes time to upload the new music onto a new computer, how do I import the songs? How do I reauthorize the computer to play the music I purchased?

    Any help is much appreciated. ;)
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    mad jew

    If iTunes is set to automatically look after your files then just drag the iTunes folder from Music to the external drive once you've de-authorised your Mac. On the new Mac, replace the iTunes folder (probably also in Music) with your old one assuming you don't have any music on that second Mac that you would like to keep. :)

    Dragging and dropping is fine, there's no need to export. :)
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    How do I know if iTunes is set to automatically look after my files for me?:eek: Sorry for the stupid question.

    Also, is this the easiest way to do it, with no problems?

    ;) Thanks for your help thus far!!
  4. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    The iTunes preferences have a section called Advanced. In the General pane of Advanced there should be a check box called Keep iTunes Music Folder Organised. This should be checked. If it isn't then check it and press okay. It'll take a while, but that should move all your music to the folder listed above the check box. This is called Consolidating Your Library and can be done through the Advanced menu at any time however is not relevant if you let iTunes manage your music in the first place. :)
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    One more question. So once I replace the new music folder with the old music folder, then all of the songs will show up in iTunes? What is the "Add to Library" feature for in the File Menu? :eek:

    Sorry for dragging this on. I just want to make sure I've "got it"!! ;)
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    mad jew

    For all the songs to show up when you put the new library into the second Mac, the preferences of that second Mac's iTunes will have to be identical to the first's in terms of keeping the files organised in that specific location.

    The Add To Library feature is for people who are allergic to drag and drop in the library. It's effectively just another method of importing music into the library. However, we're using a sneaky method that should be quicker and keep all your old playlists, play counts etc. :)

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