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hard drive space dissappearing

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by brsboarder, May 16, 2004.

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    I am downloading some music through direct connect, and my regular internal hard drive memory is gone. I have a 60gb drive, and I had about 15-20 free, now I have 0, where can i recover this
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    Hmm, my suggestion would be to do a Find File, searching for files modified within the last few days (or whenever you noticed the problem), then sort it by size. Look for one big file, or a bunch of little ones, that are obviously not supposed to be there. I once had a crash.log file get to be like 6 gigs, flooding one of my drives completely full. I found that by simply listing the hard drive as a list, sorted by size, and navigating around until i found the massive file.

    sorry that's not too helpful, maybe someone familiar with your file-sharing app can give you more specific advice...

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    i think it might have to do w/ the fact that my disk is journaled, so if I disable journalling, how can i remove the files journaling put on?
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    open the terminal and write
    du -s -h *

    it would tell u the size of each folder. Its pretty useful sometimes. Once about 4 gb of my harddrive space disappeared, and i found out that somehow swap files of the computers i mounted, got stuck, and amounted to 4gb..!!

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    tried the terminal thing, it only accounted for around 15-20 gig of my computer, where could the other ones be???? also, if i delete the program, then reinstall it, it knows my info, like the hub i connected to, my shared files etc, so, how do i make it so it doesnt do that? Also, when i explore each folder that I can see in my hard drive, I only see a total of aroundd 20gb, so its obviously hidden or something
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    Try this.

    HD > Library > Logs

    Once in that directory, look in both the 'CrashReporter' and 'Console' sections. Unless you're technically minded and want the files for something in particular, trash them all. I once regained 6 GB of HD space from a third party application that had been logging every error it made into a file.

    To be rid of the tracking information, I'd recommend you command-F in the finder, click the plus button to add a search field, then set the first pull-down in the new item as 'visibility' and the second as 'visible and invisible items.' Once you have that done, you should search for 'pref' and the name of the program and trash the preferences file.

    Good luck.
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    alright, I did the search, and found what i think are all the finals, but when i try to go to the location, its not there, how do i find it, the location is mac HD:volumes:brs... I cant find the file volumes
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    I'm sorry, what? I don't think I understand what you're looking for.
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    You don't by chance have File Vault turned on do you? Sometimes it uses more space than needed which I know its not supposed to do. If you have it on then try turning it off and see if that helps.
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    Best Program Ever for this!!

    I use it all the time when looking for what stuff to delete, can sort by size, might take 20-30 minutes initially to start but once it does, a complete list of the size and files and stuff... great.
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    goto the root directory before writing that command..
    so open terminal
    write cd /
    then write
    sudo du -s -h *
    u would get the account of all your hard drive..u may be having the same problem i did, do the above ane check if u get the size of 'var' folder unusually high

    hope it helps

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