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Hard Drive Whirring Sound in Powerbook...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by acearchie, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Ok so the hard drive is making this whirring noise that is starting to annoy me. It has litreally started today and I have had the powerbook for 3 years without fault.

    I know this sounds stupid but if I give it a firm tap the noise goes away sometimes for a few seconds sometimes for a few minutes.

    Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to get rid of it?

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    Not sure about the issue, but it may be good to back up now if you haven't yet.

    Just in case.
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    Hmmm dont have the luxury of being able to do this now but ever since I have elevated the back about half an inch higher than the front for increased air flow the sound has completely stopped!
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    Sounds like your hard drive might be dying.
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    Well it's time to make an investment into backing up!
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    i had the same problem, i came to the conclusion that it was dying...

    i ended up replaceing it with a newer samsung HDD, i highly suggest doing this, anything will be an improvement over the stock HDD and you can get a 120gb cheap on most websites
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    any links? to tools needed and instructions? Would be helpful!

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    Its not your hard drive, but an exhaust fan with failing bearings.
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    Is there anyway I can check this? I dont mind opening it up since im well out of the warranty!

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    Admittedly I know very little about the internals of the PowerBook. I would reccomend looking for a tutorial somewhere. Yiu may also want to check eBay for a replacement fan.

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