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Hard drives

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Smyth, Jan 25, 2009.

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    i need to get a new hard drive for my macbook. so i need a bit of help to find a good one!
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    I like using Macsales.com. Click the link and select one of the SATA drives. All of them should fit in your MacBook. -GDF
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    Out of curiosity, when will we be able to buy a 1TB notebook drive? Maybe 750GB at the very least?
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    Tallest Skil

    Late 2010.
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    That's a great. I see a large boot speed increase with the same 7200RPM drive in my WhiteyBook. Go with this one if you have the cash, if not, go with a 320GB 5400RPM drive shown above ^. I would surely go with the 7200PRM though. Good choice.
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    Ahh I need a new HDD for mine:)
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    Define large. Boot up is usually very short to begin with unless updates are installing. Not only that, but you shouldn't be restarting that often anyway. It should be obvious that 7200 RPM is faster when doing large file transfer tasks (Limited by F400 and USB anyway), high end gaming (Limited by 9400M or X3100), startup (Recommend against a lot of starting up anyway), opening apps (marginal), and intensive loads. However, if battery life, vibration, heat, and price are more important than a small speed increase, then I would recommend 5400 RPM. Especially in a White MB, heat is an issue as those things get very warm. In a small aluminum case like the MBs, vibration/heat can be an issue as it is so thin and in a cramped space. Of course this is HDD dependent and varies between more than just the RPM. In a MBP I would of course recommend a 7200 RPM drive. It is a cost vs. benefit choice and a limiting factor analysis. Think about what you will be doing on the computer and see if it is worth it. It is a similar question to whether or not you need 4GB of RAM. If you don't put a load on your system it will never matter and you won't notice the difference. Perhaps a few years down the road when there are some new more intensive apps and OSes then when that happens the newer drives will probably be even faster to meet demand.
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    can anyone recommend any other hard drives? thanks brop52 for that link :)
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    To be honest, I don't believe the 1TB mark will be pushed anytime soon. I think SSD will get there first, and then more HDD manufacturers will make the switch and prices on SSDs will then go way down!
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    Educated guess or do you have a reference?
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    Moore's Law lol
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    Chase R

    If I were you I would get an SSD... that's just me though.

    No moving parts, much faster than a standard HDD, less heat and better battery life.

    They do cost a bit more though. And depending on how much storage you really need, anywhere from $240 to $310 is what a good 128GB one will cost.

    I would either go with the OCZ 120GB V2 or the G.Skill 128GB Titan. These can both be found on Newegg.

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