Hard Freezes with two hard drives

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by macgymnast, Jul 21, 2004.

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    I had a friend install a new hard drive with OSX. He left the old one with Classic 9--since then, I have had hard freezes very frequently. Sometimes as bad as five in an hour. Is having two hardrives a problem with two operating systems? I'm sure I don't need the old one. Am I correct?
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    not unless you need to run classic.
    are the drives set properly to "master/slave"?
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    That's critical. There should be a chart right on each of the drives to show the jumper settings. Also, I think the master may need to be on the far end of the bus, but I'm not 100% sure (That's how I've done it.) If one of the drives (esp. the master) is a Maxtor, then there is a different jumper setting than if it was a single (by itself.) Other brands usually have a master/single setting.

    The two OSes shouldn't cause problems with each other. Only one loads on a given startup. (Even with Classic, it just loads as a program in 10. 10 is still calling the shots.)
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    First check to see if master/slave is the right way to do it. Every PowerMac I've worked with had the jumpers set to cable select. The manual should be on Apple's website and it'll say.

    You don't really need 2 drives for the 2 operating systems. They can live happily together on the same drive.
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    i have my boot drive as master, and the rest are all 'slave's.. i haven't had a problem... *knock on wood*

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