Harman Kardon SoundSticks II

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by robotrenegade, Sep 5, 2004.

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    Anyone know the difference from One and Two?
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    'I' were USB speakers, powered and fed audio through USB (hence useful for computers without audio out such as the Cube).

    'II' are normal minijack stereo outputs and are powered separately.
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    The base box was powered, does it sound better or is it louder?

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    2s are the best because there run through the audio and not through usb, another difference is also that there are volume controls on the sticks 2, there great amazing sound and great bass (dispite what a few others say)
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    I have the 1's and my brother has the 2's, I have the 1's attached to my windows laptop and are a pain because it installs as a USB sound card and therefore you cannot have a microphone or line-in working with them.

    2's would sound better because the amp's and dac's on soundcards are usually better than those they put into speakers.

    They do sound good for plastic speakers, they are a little too directional though for my tatste but are good general speakers for use when my hifi is too loud.
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    I disagree - if you can afford to use them only with your computer (and you can find them) get 1's. There's no nois and the DAC issue is moot - there's no analogue in your computer anyway. The DAC's on Macs aren't trash but that doesn't make them good. The DAC's on the soundsticks are very well matched.

    The lack of noise is a huge advantage. Directionality isn't an issue (they're for a single user - not a room. Bass is great and reasonably tight - not bloated (like most computer speakers). Not deep (though that's more usual than not - few computer subs get below 30-40Hz)

    Finally the 1's were a more expensive item and are not loaded with blue rubber rings. The 2's are - IMHO - watered down. They look like soundsticks but are in fack just very expensive regular speakers. The 1's are inovative, pure, uncompromised and classic.

    you can't go badly wrong with either but I'd take the 1's any day, no question.
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    Thanks, good review. I have 1's just wanted to see if i should upgrade. Thanks.

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