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Harmony Remote...not for LION

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by palmharbor, May 27, 2012.

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    Forget Harmony Remote for you HT system if you have SNOW Leopard or Lion...they don't provide software for anything higher than 10.4 in order to program it which requires software and user names and passwords and worse.
    I would pass on any purchase of this product. Save your money.
    They clearly do not care about Mac Users so screw them.:apple:
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    Ive been using both snow leopard and lion with the harmony remote software without issue. Where does it say it's not compatible?
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    Same here..

    Download Instructions

    This installer has built-in support for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dannish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish and Russian.

    System Requirements
    Macintosh OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6.8 and 10.7
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    No issues with OS X Lion here.

    As a matter of fact just last week I updated one of the 'Activities' on the remote control.

    Yes, they do require username and password; however, if you lose it (like I did) you just have it reset, and you're back in business.
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    Is this a username/password for the remote or for some online service? It it's to protect the remote from someone else updating it, that is reasonable. An online account wouldn't be.

    There is a mouse that requires a userid for internet services before you can even fully install the mouse driver, which is stupid.
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    The username and password is for an online database service that stores your Harmony remote settings. The advantage to this approach is that when you purchase a new remote you can download the old settings to it. You can do this from any computer that has the Harmony software installed, just sign in with your credentials and all your settings appear. The advantage to this is you will never lose your settings.
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    The disadvantage is yet another userid/password combination you need to remember. Does it also store it on a local database? Or do you need access to the online service to update your remote?
  8. Set845, May 29, 2012
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    True losing your credentials is a disadvantage, but nowadays it should be easy to find an app that manages them securely. I have one, didn't realize how many accounts I have. No, i don't believe it stores your database locally. I could be wrong but if not, then there's another disadvantage. Also the software requires an internet connection to access the online database. Another disadvantage. None of these have been a problem for me and they most likely never will be. For me, having the database stored online far outweighs the disadvantages, as i would hate to have to reprogram it all from scratch. One major advantage to storing the database on Logitech servers is that the vast database of devices that Logitech has built gets updated constantly. So if the remote doesn't correctly control one of your devices, chances are it will get fixed based on input from you or another customer that owns the same device.
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    The logitech remote package as a whole is fantastic.

    However, it's not without its flaws:
    - The interface for the logitech software is the worst of any of the programs I routinely use. There's just way too many steps to make a simple change to your settings.
    - The fact that there's no way to back up your current control configurations, since they are stored online only, is a terrible oversight IMO. One time I deleted a device from an Activity thinking it would automatically remove only the commands sent from that device...no, it just invalidated all Activities using that device, with no way to UNDO.
    - Since you're forced to store your configuration online with no potential for reverting to a backup, there should be some form of support past the standard support window (1 yr?). The techs have the ability to roll back your account to backups Logitech stores, but if you're outside the free support window you have to pay.

    With all that said, though, it's the most complete remote package I know of and I couldn't go back to anything I've used in the past.
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    I totally agree with all your points regarding the software, the database management being online only, and the awesomeness of the remote itself. I think the free support window is only 90 days then it's 30 dollars per call/issue. Totally lame because the vast majority of issues after the support period is up will be getting the right codes for any new devices you may purchase. That means that you pay them 30 dollars to help them do their work to set the codes up correctly for the next guy.
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    I agree with everything you said, unfortunately I have not found anything better. :(

    Once you get it setup properly it does work pretty well though.
  12. danny_w, May 29, 2012
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    I had to change the configuration of my audio system this weekend and was not looking forward to changing the programming on the remote since I had not done so in quite a long time. However I found the Logitech software on my iMac (running Lion) and it immediately found my settings and easily reconfigured the remote to the new configuration. While there may still be an online account I never logged in and so I think everything was running locally. Much better than the early days (shortly after Logitech bought Harmony I suppose) when the app was run in the browser and everything was done online. I couldn't be more pleased.
  13. heisenberg123, May 29, 2012
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    I just added AppleTV as a device and activity to my harmony reomote using Lion, not sure whats making it not work for you
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    It is done online. You probably had your user name and password saved from last time. Each time you make changes it syncs to the Logitech servers.

    Try turning off your Internet connection and run the software and you will hit a dead end.
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    this, I think its a great feature, if you have 4 or 5 activities and 5 devices its very easy to reconigure a new remote instead of starting over


    agree with some steps being to indepth, I dont really need to configure how man seconds delay for this or that, but I too couldnt use any other universal remotes anymore after using logitech
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    There is one more advantage to storing your database on the Logitech servers. As I mentioned before it is likely at some point you will purchase new devices and will have to work with Logitech to get the correct codes set up. Well the flip side to that coin is your database gets updated with new codes when Logitech and other customers work out the codes for their devices, which you may purchase or already own. You can't get that if the database is stored locally.

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