Has any one played this game

Discussion in 'Games' started by madmax_2069, Oct 26, 2006.

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    i just want to know has any one tried to play this game online

    www.streetfighteronline.com for you OS 9 and OS X user's just click on play online and it will pop up a little screen you can stretch it to make it bigger. and for the win xp user's you can do the same as the OS 9 and OS X user's plus you can download the game itself and run it there and then you can download the anti cheat called game vindicator .

    i myself play this game but i have problems with it in OS X (it crashes the browser) and i have to play it in OS 9. its a fun game but hard to get the controls down since it uses the KB and no controller support
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    a description of what the game actually is would be nice ;)
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    well if you would look real closely to the url it should tell you what the game is and if you don't know what street fighter is then its a fighting game but this one you can play against other people online or can play it in story mode

    the URL is the name of the game if you didn't already guess it out
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    In that case killer7.com should take you to a website about the gory Gamecube shooter game; Killer 7?

    ps. Don't actually go there. NSFW.
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    ok if you dont want to play it then dont let other people see if they like it or not i was being nice to post this to see if people like street fighter and wanted to play against other people online. but i guess not
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    We have plenty of other games to keep us occupied. ;)
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    heh, i see how everyone is going to be, this is just outright stupid no one even going to even play this game, i guess no one like street fighter
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    I love Street Fighter. STA3 is always in my GB Micro. I just don't want to play some cheap Flash parody of it.
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    Of course. King Of Fighters!!!

    Hehe, until it appeared on Digg yesterday, I never noticed it :p
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    have you even tryed it before you judged it. cause its exactly what is say's street fighter. same moves and same GFX its more like marvel VS capcom. but if you dont want to take my work on it go aheat your intitled to your opinion. i love street fighter. this is a online version of the game and by no means considered a cheap flash parody. all i ask is try it before you knock it. and you will see this is no cheap knock off. this game also has 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 2 vs 2 tag. its almost 100% like any other street figher game out

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