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Has anyone actually purchased a computer for folding?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Vlade, Jul 4, 2003.

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    I was wondering if anyone has either purchased a computer for folding (or to fold 95%+ of the time), or paid the extra few hundred bucks to get the top of the line DP mac even though they wouldn't need it (except the extra processor could be folding).
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    no, but I have my current Mac folding 100% of the time. before that, I had it running SETI 100% of the time, I switched about a week and a half ago.
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    that would be pretty crazy if someone did. i dont really see the point, seems like the money would be better off being donated to a research foundation or something.

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    Similar to Stephen, I have just started folding (yesterday, to be exact). I was 100% SETI before, but I see no point in buying a computer just to fold ..
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    Well I kind of have. I build PCs for people and have managed to make three 400-500Mhz PCs out of peoples old computers that I only use for folding.
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    i set up many machines that only stop folding for power/network outages

    but to buy one for folding...$ can be better spent

    if one did buy a machine for folding, it better be a PC, otherwise i'd say they're really crazy
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    Good news, I was really hoping no one was THAT addicted to folding

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