Has anyone been able to return a 5G iPod due ONLY to hairline scratches on the iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by spaceballl, Nov 2, 2005.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm having the same hairline scratches problem that everyone else is. Tiny scratches all over the screen due ONLY to putting it in and out of the Apple provided case. Has anyone been able to return the product due only to that? If so, I'd like to return mine tomorrow and wait for my invisible shield to get here. I searched for the topic and i've heard mention of it, but let's try to limit posts in this thread to ONLY those who have either exchanged their iPods w/ scratches for a new one or those who have attempted but have been rejected.

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    You should be able to polish out minor scratches with something like this. I've heard Brasso works as well!
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    Yes, I was able to EXCHANGE mine for a new one, which remains in its box for now... the reason I used was that when I took mine into the store (so the employees could actually SEE one), it got all dirty and they lent me a cleaning cloth with some solution sprayed on it... and THAT is what caused it to get scratched up.

    So I'm not sure if you'll be able to use that excuse.
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    thats bloody smart! mad props for that scheme!
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    anyone else?
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    I'm not at all familiar with Apple's return policy as I have never had to actually return anything, but perhaps if it was withint 30 days (or whatever) you would be able to take it back citing a problem with battery life (i.e. It was not anywhere near the 2 hour claimed video playback) or even just general disatisfaction with the product...
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    14 days (mine are up tomorrow), and you'll have to pay a 10% (if you opened it) restocking fee, which is $30...
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    My original question is just in regard to the fact that Apple has told retailers to be lax w/ 5G returns, even for those which are normally caused by "user abuse" or whatever
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    In a year, i guarantee your iPod will be scratched no matter how careful you are or what case you stick it in. It really doesn't matter, you'll decide, especially since the 6G will be out by then, making yours, suddenly, into a relic anyway.
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    Yeah but if I have an invisible shield waiting for my new iPod, that will sure minimize scratches. And when I put my "relic" on eBay... I'd rather sell one w/ minor scratches than one that looks like an iPod nano in a jean pocket after a few weeks.
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    I feel like such a heathen... I purchased my 5G from Best Buy and not an Apple store... *I'm so ashamed*

    However, after using my iPod for a few days, I have started to notice the notorious hairline scratches. I've already ordered an invisibleshield, but it hasn't gotten here yet. When it does, I'm planning on restoring my iPod to factory settings, then trying to exchange it at Best Buy. I'm just going to put everything in the box, and give them some kind of excuse about not being able to connect it to my PC or something. I won't feel too bad about it, because I paid $400 for it and don't want scratches, and its not like it will cost apple very much to put a new front on it and resale it.

    If this works and I get a new one, the first thing I'll do out of the box is put on the invisibleshield.

    Oh, and I tried the toothpaste polishing idea that a lot of people recommended, and it just made things even worse. I'm going to get a can of Brasso today and try that. If I can get the scratches out on my own, I can save myself, Best Buy, and Apple a lot of trouble.
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    Returned a nano no problems, well had to speak with manager.
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    The Brasso solution should only be used ONCE on any given iPod... Brasso polish works by eating away the surface of the iPod, so if you use it too much you will probably damage your iPod.
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    Well, it will cost them more than you think. It will cost them time to replace and clean the unit (service techs get good money ya know) before then ATTEMPTING to resale a USED iPod at a DISCOUNTED price. If they resale it, they automatically lose $50-150 bucks. I don't know about you, but that's not mere change, especially when you consider the many many people who needlessly return their iPods.

    Most toothpastes have grit in them to help clean your teeth. Did it not seem logical that the grit would scratch your screen?
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    Brought my Video back to apple store because of the short battery life, and was told that I would have to leave it for a couple of days so they could test it out. So did not do that as I had just started to use it, now when i switch between screens, sometimes I wind up with half of the screen I just left and half of the one I was going to? (Music to Playlist) and then had to click the wheel a couple of times on and off to rectify issue. Now I will leave it with them. Anyone else having this issue of being caught between screens?

    Just got through talking with their tech department in the Apple Store. So far Apple's idea to fixing these issues is for me to reformat the Video Ipod to the state that it was from the factory and see what happens. Was told that "what I might have put on the Ipod" caused the problem.

    Well things are not going the way I would want them to, system quit playing and had to reset. Just tried to call apple care. Now that was a joke, did not know the shut down at 6pm pacific time, this has to be changed especially with all the $$$$ jobs is making now on the ipods and new products. Had to catch the apple store near me here in the great northeast and was directed how to reset system, seems I am not the only one to have this issue. Plan to bring ipod back tomorrow and push to get a new one. How many others are having issue's with the Video Pod?
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    My buddy got his swapped for cosmetic scratches on day 16 of having his (from an Apple store) with no restocking fee or questions asked whatsover. The guys just took his box & gave him a brand new one.

    It's honestly up to you mate, if you cause a big enough of a ruckus at the Apple store/s they'll do something, just don't get kicked out.
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    This is NOT true. It's the way ALL polishes of the type work. There's no need to spread this kind of FUD around the forums. The amount of material removed is extraordinarily small and it will take several dozen applications before there are any ill effects.
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    OK. Still doesn't bother me that much. I'm a college student, and they're a multi million dollar company. If I can find a loop hole, or they're willing to replace it, I'm going for it. As a consumer, I'm going to look our for my best interests, as I expect the company will also be doing.

    Perhaps you're not familiar with how polishes work... They're all abrasive. Thats how they remove scratches. They wear away the surrounding material to level out the surfaces. I will concede that the toothpaste brand that I used must have been a little too abrasive, but if you found the proper name brand, this could work.
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    I'm wondering how bad these "scratches" really are. My mp3 player is horribly scratched and dented but I would never resort to lying to get a new one. Nor would I attempt to rid the scratches, make the problem worse and lie about why I'm returning it. Whoa...a portable music player getting SCRATCHES??? How unheard of. I could see if you cant read the screen due to it, is that the case? Unfortunately you cant have something that "portable" remain pristine, esspecially if you couldn't wait until you received your protective cover. I use my mp3 player to listen to music. Scratches or not, if it plays music, I'm getting my money's worth. Returning an iPod for scratches is akin to returning a pair of shoes because you got dirt on the soles. Post a picture showing a terribly scratched iPod and I'll apologize profusely...until then you are, in my opinion, part of the reason why so many of us with legitimate complaints have so much trouble returning truly defective products.
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    Are you guys exaturating the problem? Iv had my 5G for almost 3weeks, there are a few hairline scratches but you can only see them if the backlight is off and you have to tilt the ipod at an angle. It doesn't really bother me, only a really anal person would complain. Unless Canada is getting a newer batch that is better quality.
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    I just picked up a new one after complaining about my battery life to them. Apple gave me a new Ipod and thank god I already have the invisibleshield to protect this one from getting minor scratches. I still haven't taken it out the box as yet until I know how to put on the the invisibleshield. I'm so fortunate Apple is a great company and I will always support their products.
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    Yeah , I supposed Brasso will dissolved my ipod's surface and messes it up, so I dared not try it.:)
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    To be honest with you, they're not that bad. There are a few hairline scratches on the front. And I totally agree with you that it is a portable electronic device, and expecting it not to get scratched is very unrealistic. I have a Sony MD player that is beat up, dented, scratch, and just generaly well worn. And this doesn't bother me. However, the main use I have for my new iPod is as a video viewer. Therefor, scratches on the display area have more of an impact for me in this situation.

    It is not totally unusable, but if it is possible, I'm going to try any means possible to go back to having a pristine screen.

    I'll fully admit that its my own fault. But that won't stop me from trying to imporve my situation.

    As for making it harder for others to return truely defective products... so sorry. I'll play a sappy song on my new iPod just for them.
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    Easy scratch fix.

    I've worked in record stores for about ten years. A little secret that most used CD stores don't like to talk about is that they have professional grade buffing machines in the back, to polish out scratches on used CD's. These buffers are already set up with the right speed/polish/wheels etc, just for plastic. I've buffed out about five different ipod's now, with excellent results. My recomendation is to make friends with someone at your local independent record store, and see if they can do this for you. It made my 18 month old 4G ipod look good as new! Just make sure the person buffing it know's how to use the machine. If they don't, you can melt the plastic into a terrible haze that will never buff out......
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    Better be careful with this. Your 4G iPod has an acrylic front face, I believe, while the new 5G iPods and nanos are polycarbonate, which is quite a bit softer.

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