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Has anyone got a spare beta key for Uncharted?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Caris, Jun 4, 2009.

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    If you do or know anyone who does could you let me know please?

    I'm desperate to get it, and I will mkae it worth your while I promise!
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    I'd doubt people have spares - I know mine is linked to my PSN ID.
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    People could have spares. If you purchased inFamous you get a beta code in the game case. If somebody purchased the game and doesn't want the code then they could very well give it away.
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    i have an extra uncharted beta key, came with infamous, but i dont really play online games...
  6. MRU


    Please if it's available forward on. My copy of inFAMOUS special edition did not come with one :(
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    That sucks dude! I'd be pissed...
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    If you still haven't got one please PM me - I just won one on a Twitter contest ... (and no, I don't have an X360 or PS3)
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    Huh? Special ed.?
  10. MRU


    Yeah over here there was a special edition of the game, which is the one I ordered.


    The code on the scrap of paper was not Uncharted Beta Key as I thought it would be. Instead it unlocked special lightning hands in the game.
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    I'll get you a code MRU, PM me. It'll give you something new to complain about :p
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    I wouldn't mind a copy of the game ;) since you have extra stuff laying around.
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    Did I mention how good the beta is:p;)

    can I have your lighting hands MRU...I didn't get those:(

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    PM me I said ;)
  15. MRU


    I'll pm those Lightning Fist things later (out of the office most of today) to a couple of you, I'm not sure whether the code will work after it has been used once (if it's tied to your PSN account).
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    Exclusive weapons are so stupid. Gamestop ruining the the world yet again.
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    ... I am still sitting on a spare code - PM if you want it ...
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    i also still have one, pm me if anyone wants it...
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    Yeah, My Special Edition didnt come with one like it was advertised either >.<

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