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Has anyone read this? Seriously, Wii related.

Discussion in 'Games' started by mac000, Jun 2, 2006.

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    I think us folk would appreciate a quote or too, maybe some of your own opinion in text or, funnier still in image form.
    for now you'll have to wait for the page to load up on my very busy connection...
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    As for the MGS thing. I wouldn't be surprised. thanks to 2 little reasons-

    Hideo saying he was bored with the PS3, that he can't wait to work on other titles for other systems.
    Snake being in Smash Bros. Clearly Konami are building bridges with Nintendo. Just wouldn't surprise me is all.
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    Anything over 6 sentences I won't read :D
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    man, I actually read all that.
    I wish people wouldn't post that craziness. I'm too naive and I hate getting my hopes up. That is some serious rumors though.
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    Its basicly a huge prank.. notice how there is Italic and Bold sentences? Well at the very end you get this:


    I knew I should have gone to the very bottom of the post before I read through the whole damn thing.
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    I have read it elsewhere, and it's hilarious.


    Gut-splitting hilarity. Thanks for posting.
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    You think MGS4 will come out for Wii with the same graphics as on the PS3? :confused:
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    And yet it has no HD that is the biggest load of bullcrap ive ever herd
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    You actually belived that even a little bit?

    Wii is not about graphics it's about control an insanely new and complex and probably impossible technolodgy cost more than 200 bucks. Sorry but reality hurts
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    the person made bold an italic what they thought was possible and impossible about the "quote from a different individual"
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    So what, the title is not over 6 sentences ;)

    This has greatly been argued, please leave it in the other threads then. Thanks :)
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    Nope. but in some form or another, a new MGS game will definitely come out for the Wii. Hideo loves it and Sony don't have exclusive rights. Plus if the PS3 bombs it will definitely get ported to the 360 (at least) without any doubt.
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    i think you mean when ;)
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    I love MGS and all, but I actually hope Kojima creates a new original series for the Wii instead.
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    You miss my point i'm not making fun of the fact that the Wii doesnt have HD i'm saying that this claim that the Wii has some insane new graphics and physics system that doesnt use HD is insane and impossible. (aka bullcrap)
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    the thread was copied and pasted from another forum. The BOLD/ITALICS was done by whoever reposted it. Not by the orignal writer.
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    Aye, originality is key. But if Kojima can make a game anything like MGS1 then I'll like it ported to my system of choice. Which, I'm probably guessing he won't. ho hum.
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    That was funny as hell...thanks for that.

    Are we hurting for MGS4 for the Wii....i guess we are

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    yea defnot true
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    Why would a console with twice the power of the GC need 20x the storage? Dual-layer DVD has more than enough for the Wii.
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    Thanks for bringing up the HD-DVD thing.

    I think that's entirely possible. Isn't that what the 360 is doing? An external USB add-on? I think it's very much possible, though I don't see what the benefits will be without HD output. unless with its component output it can do HD video just ED for games.

    Am I aching for MGS4 on the Wii? If it's either equally good or better than MGS1 then yes. If it's another 2 or 3 they can stick it.
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    Have you missed all the other remarks by Hideo? He has said many times in many different ways that he is done with MGS. He wants to move on and has clearly said he will not do another MGS. Once MGS4 is done he has other non-MGS projects he wants to do anyway.

    He has also said that MGS4 is and will only be for PS3. People love to ignore that, but he said it quite clearly. If we see it coming to 360 then we can just assume that someone at MS dropped so much money on him he had to do it. Nintendo sure as heck isn't going to do that.
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    While I'm not saying that the Wii is going to be some shocking piece of technology, blowing us all away with it's graphical capabilities, there is an interview over on digg with John Swimmer from ATI claiming that what we saw graphically of the Wii at E3 is "only the tip of the iceburg". http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/feature/?id=12859

    It has been stated before that the Wii should look about the same as the 360 on an SD screen, a claim which this interview seems to strengthen. Who knows, though? We'll have to wait and see...
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    Dreams of the PS3 bombing will not come true. MGS4 will stay a sony exclusive whiles the others get lated MGS....just accept it....I hope this is not the last MGS game....but all things come to an end.


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