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Has anyone tried calling the apple store right now?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Matto1020, Sep 5, 2007.

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    I just got off the phone with my local Apple Store:

    "Thanks for calling the Apply Store this is Josh."

    "Hi Josh, I was just wondering if you guys will be selling the new iPods today?"

    "We sell new iPods everyday."

    "Oh I am talking about a new model that I heard was coming out today."

    (In a very beat around the bush kind of way) "Oh I don't know anything about that. Perhaps you could call back later."

    "Ok Josh thanks!"

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried calling their store and what response they got...:D
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    It's not like they know anything...
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    I got exactly the same response from some rude prick in London.. guess he's been asked that same question for the past 7 hours... How do they do the switch over in store during store hours?
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    for the imacs, you couldn't actually see them or buy them until after the stevenote was over. i'm prety sure that even if this guy had one in his pocket he wouldn't/couldn't tell you about it until after that
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    Odds are that if any of them know what the new iPods look like and tell you what is coming out then they will probably get fired for breaching company non-disclosure agreements.

    Just do like everyone else and wait until they are announced. :)
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    Yeah, but what happens in the store the moment it's over? I have to see this for myself some day, maybe with the new desktops
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    I called Fifth Avenue and the lady said "I don't anything about that."

    I'm calling the SoHo store now, probably will get the same response. :rolleyes:
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    They are available by phone & web after 3PM eastern. Site is slammed now, though.
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    Nothing happens in the store the moment it's over.

    Sometime later in the afternoon, the stores will be sent an update telling them what's going on. How long after the keynote ends and the update is sent and when one of the managers reads the note varies.
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    Kermit the frog

    I called just now and about an hour ago. The guy who's name was also Josh said that the new nano's are for sale on the website only not in stores quiet yet. But I saw on the product video for the iPod touch will be released on the west coast in October and making it's way to Chicago in March...which kinda sucks. But they are some sexy looking pieces of hardware
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    Lol, thats the Starbuck$ service.... not the actual iPod touch. That'll ship by September 28th, or so says the Apple Store website.
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    That's not the touch, that's the new Starbucks feature.

    The touch will be out in a few weeks everywhere.
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    they will lose their jobs guys.....I like apples secrets....
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    i just called in, they said they had no idea about anything. then i asked if they remembered what it was like for the video ipod. they don't remember. useless!

    does anyone have a hunch on when it will be in stock at retail stores?
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    A lady at the SoHo store here in NYC said "a few days."
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    Eric Lewis

    my costco says....

    a truck is coming next monday or tues..with iPods

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    The online Apple Store is getting hammered right now.
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    Agreed! It's loading time has decreased significantly. :rolleyes:
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    That's some funny stuff! Sorry, I know if I called and Josh said that to me, I'd be miffed but reading it, it's pretty funny.

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