Has anyone used Powerbook Medic for MBP parts?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Tom McMahon, Aug 15, 2007.

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    They seem to carry a lot of case/housing parts that are listed as new. Was curious if anyone has purchased from them.


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    Powerbook medic order.

    I just ordered a lid for my macbook pro 15 Santa Rosa so when it comes in I will post how good they are. I ordered a used, grade B lid.

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    Has anyone used Powerbook Medic for MBP parts?

    I received the lid from Powerbook Medic and It was exactly like they said I looked grade A. They seem Good.

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    i got a powerbook hard drive from them, it failed 2 weeks later and they replaced it and installed it no fuss no muss, to bad the powerbook died a few weeks after that.

    they also respond really quickly to emails which is nice.
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    I ordered a top lib from them for a Blackbook, a new one and it was exactly as stated.
    Working flawlessly for 2-3 months now.
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    I ordered a battery for a titanium powerbook from them. Worked great! :D

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