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Has Mountain Lion Fixed these issues?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by azpc, May 18, 2012.

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    Ability to turn off versions?

    Restore Save As?

    Turn off Resume?

    Turn off Automatic termination?

    When an app shuts down without my permission it is a crash, not a feature!

    Ability to turn off Reopen Windows Next Time?

    Turn off Autosave?

    Restore colored icons in Finder?

    Restore quicklook - zoom in on pdf's?

    Optional restoration of scroll arrows?

    Options to control Green Zoom Button behavior?

    ""I don't want old windows to open back up unexpectedly, files to get modified without my consent, or apps quitting when I'm still using them. I want to be able to predict what my computer will do, after all, it's a machine, it should be predictable."
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    No, it's far worse.
  3. gumblecosby, May 19, 2012
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    Ability to turn off versions?


    Restore Save As?

    No. This isnt coming back for Apple applications . Hopefully 3rd party programs will allow you to choose which save system you would like to use.

    Turn off Resume?

    This can be done in Lion by the way in the general pereference pane, unless Im misunderstanding you

    Turn off Automatic termination?

    Sadly no. This is a shame in my opinion

    When an app shuts down without my permission it is a crash, not a feature!

    Ability to turn off Reopen Windows Next Time?

    Fixed in 10.7.4 and 10.8 for me anyway.

    Turn off Autosave?


    Restore colored icons in Finder?


    Restore quicklook - zoom in on pdf's?

    Yes. Hold option and scroll with 2 fingers

    Optional restoration of scroll arrows?


    Options to control Green Zoom Button behavior?

    No. Same as it has ever been which I like by the way but I can see how it can annoy some people.

    ""I don't want old windows to open back up unexpectedly, files to get modified without my consent, or apps quitting when I'm still using them. I want to be able to predict what my computer will do, after all, it's a machine, it should be predictable."

    Program Resume can be disabled in Lion and 10.8 and the checkbox bug was fixed in 10.7.4 so this should not be an issue
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    Save As comes back when you hold down the option key and works as usual, even in Apple apps.
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    Nice. I didn't know that. Cheers
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    What is "Automatic Termination"? Is that when OS X plays janitor with your open apps and "Quits" them if it thinks you're not using them?
  7. WSR
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    Let's not also forget that I don't think the following have been fixed:
    A choice between "classic Spaces in a grid" and "Spaces in Mission Control"
    A choice between "Full-Screen in the current Space" to allow the use of a 2nd monitor and "Full-Screen in it's own Space."

    Plus, it's my understanding that Expose is only partially fixed. SL's Expose/Spaces still easier to move a specific window to another Space.
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    Krazy Bill

    Help me understand this better...

    You mean in ML, Full Screen apps are just like other apps now? i.e., they can share a space with other non full screen apps?

    If this is true then good. Never understood why a full screen app was so special it deserved it's own desktop.
  9. WSR
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    No, in Lion and I'm sure still in ML, when an app is taken to Full-Screen mode it is put into its own Space without a desktop behind it. Unlike in Snow Leopard where for most, but not all, apps, they are put into Full-Screen mode in the current Space leaving the desktop below it and accessible on a 2nd monitor.

    I was saying that this hasn't been fixed since ML, they don't have this option.

    Sorry for any confusion.
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    Fine tune audio controls is back. I think it wasn't in 10.7.3 not sure.
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    Krazy Bill

    The error was mine. I read your post wrong.
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    Ability to turn off your eye's sight :p
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    Let's Sekuhara!

    LOL! Not sure what inspired your comment, but it led me to envision a user waking up one day with no eyelids. He's mortified and upset that he can no longer do basic functions such as sleep. He wants to revert to a previous version of Life, but the EULA he signed upon incarnating in a physical body dictated in the fine print that Life owes him nothing and that by using Life he agrees to the terms that Life can make unexpected and permanent changes to his reality at any moment. He doesn't even remember signing that agreement... must have clicked through without reading. After inquiring about his dilemma on Life's user forums another poster suggests that the eye's sight can be permanently disabled by removing the eyes entirely. This is a non-solution. Our poor user no longer wants anything to do with Life.

    Why is my imagination so twisted? Not sure.
    But hey, just remember that there could be worse things than Lion's Versions, Autosave, FullScreen, etc. :p
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    Lion/ML is predictable. If you're working on something, it is saved. if you want an old version, you can go back time machine style.

    If your machine needs to be restarted, it comes back as it was.

    If apps need to be terminated, they are, and come back as they were when you switch to them, with data / state in-tact.

    There's nothing unpredictable about Lion, and I'd argue that if an app crashes and you haven't saved your work in SL or earlier, that is a lot less predictable (loss of data) than Lion is.
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    Turn off Autosave?

    Yes you can. Now there is an option that you can be asked whether to save the file when you make changes to a document.

    Automatic Termination:

    Such an annoyance. Luckily you can disable it with a terminal command:

    defaults write -g NSDisableAutomaticTermination -bool YES
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    It's worth pointing out that this feature is enabled by apps that are designed to support it, and can be turned on or off dynamically by an app, so part of the behaviour is up to the app developers.

    For example, if an app has a large/complex file open that would take a while to save automatically or re-open automatically then the app could turn off automatic termination while that file is open.

    A good default for an app is also to just have automatic termination work only if nothing is open, but it depends upon the app's ability to save quickly as that will determine whether the feature will impact the usability of the system. This way an app only closes itself if the user has simply forgotten to quit it.
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    Automatic termination is such a stupid idea for a desktop OS, particularly in this age of >4GB RAM. Microsoft is adopting it for Metro apps on Windows 8 as well and the only reason must be the new WinARM build for tablets/phones. If operating systems could handle multitasking well back in the age of ~256MB RAM, there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to today.

    We have the technology to have more than one application running at a time, why would developers want to take that capability away?
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    are these really things broken in Lion or changes you dont like?

    Ive only ever used Lion for mac, but i like it better than any windows version ive used and ive used windows going back to windows 3.1 or whatever teh hell it was called
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    That's up to the developer; if your App doesn't do a lot when not in use, then why not implement auto-termination? Whether a machine has a ton of RAM or not is essentially irrelevant, as having a lot of it doesn't mean you should waste it, as keeping it clear means the OS can keep it for other things such as preloading the apps you're going to use rather than hanging to the ones you're no longer using.

    There are a ton of good reasons for the feature to be in any OS, the problem is getting the balance right as apps that take even a few seconds to re-open will be much slower, rather than the seamless experience that I think Apple is hoping for (i.e - you shouldn't know that an app was auto-terminated).

    I do however think that as a feature it's still rough around the edges, as there's no middle ground. For example, you can't have your app pretend to still be open, e.g - by using a Quicklook style cached preview to show what windows look like, even though if the documents aren't actually open. Apple is also going to have to be careful with how it interacts with Resume, as auto-termination needs to fail if an app can't store its Resume data.
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    Was really hoping we'd at least get the option via a tick box to have colour finder sidebar icons back.
    Making everything grey is change for changes sake and a bad one at that.
    Far more difficult to read and navigate the finder now.
    For all the IOS integration, why not bring the colour element back.
    Every icon in IOS uses different colours, so why make every icon in Finder grey?
    Absolute madness!
    C'mon apple - get it sorted. Just a tickbox to give those who want it the option of having it back.
    Those that love the 'greyed out' interface can keep it, but those (like me), who would rather have their testicles hacked off with a blunt instrument than go grey, can go back to the splendour of colour!
    It's a win win. Please please please bring back the colour!
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    If you are laboring under the delusion that Apple adds in features (especially to their UI) that they eliminated that goes against consistency, be prepared for disappointment. Apple is almost guaranteed not to do that. Apple is not about massive customization of the UI elements.
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    Is the wifi dropping fixed in ML? I know in Lion my wireless internet gets dropped constantly
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    While I can understand wanting an option, I don't think Apple is likely to offer anything for what is essentially a niche concern. Personally I like the duotone style, as it provides less distraction from what I'm actually looking at (folder contents) which remain in full-colour.

    This is a trend that Apple is definitely taking on board, and which many apps are too, to eliminate overly colourful peripheral UI elements so that only the content of an app is coloured, which helps to keep the focus on the content. It's pretty much why every OS X version up until now has simplified things like title-bars, etc., removing a lot of the colourful plastic feel in favour of just staying out of the way.

    Besides which, there is a ton of other stuff Apple needs to be doing to improve the Finder, I could live without coloured icons indefinitely if they'd just give us tabs or consistency in how the Finder works, rather than just how it looks.
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    The finder is primarily a navigation tool and colours help many people (like me) with that navigation. I whole heartedly refute the suggestion that eliminating the colour 'keeps the focus on the content' - Nonsense!
    Most of the time you use the finder you're not dealing with 'content' you are navigating a folder structure. Folders are much easier to distinguish from one another when they are different colours.
    I'm glad you like the new interface, but many do not and giving those who do prefer colour the option of having it back, would have made ALL users happy and wouldn't have in anyway altered the experience of those who prefer the new UI.
    It's just common sense.
    ML isn't finished yet - so hope springs eternal! :)
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    I'm not looking for 'massive customisation', just the option to have the colour back that has been staple part of every other version of OSX prior to Lion.
    Apple don't do many 'u-turns' but it's not unprecedented.
    Many have commented how Mission Control has been amended to bring some of the functionality of Spaces back, I'm just hoping for a similar amendment to the UI. A nice little tick box for the option under the 'General' tab in system preferences would be all that's needed. They have a similar thing at the moment for the option of 'Blue or Graphite' for interface elements, so it's not unreasonable to hope for an option for finder icons too.
    It probably won't happen, but it definitely SHOULD happen.
    It's still in Beta, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

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