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Has my ipad 4.2 beta 1 just expired?

Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by cRuNcHiE, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Today my ipad just rebooted it self and is now showing the connect to itunes screen. Coincidence that the new beta is due around about now?
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    waiting myself.
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    Really? I didn't realise they would/could be time bombed.

    For those of us that had the beta and had our iPad ID added to the dev's platform; when/if there's a new beta released are we still eligible?
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    are you sure it's not just the iPad having a serious crash moment? tried restoring to the beta again? Betas don't tend to expire on the day of a new release, I had a beta installed on my iPhone 3G for a couple weeks after a newer beta was released till next build due to bugs with the beta inbwtween the two betas I used
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    Don't think so. 4.2 Beta 1 is very very very unstable.
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    Depends on who you talk to. Now of you asked me I'd be saying "Giggity".
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    its been very stable for me.
    only few minor bugs like youtube/air play
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    Question: How did you load the Beta? From the Dev Portal?

    The Beta, other than the GM, have a set expiration date. I have never seen an apple beta expire on the exact day they usually release the beta, in this example every two weeks. They usually have a overhang of a few days, usually a week.
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    It looks like my ipad may hav died :(

    It wont restore, even to 3.2.2 even if im in DFU mode, i get error 1015
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    If you have a 3G one, you will get that error trying to downgrade because you cant downgrade the baseband.
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    Restore to 3.2.2 then use reboot to kick it back into normal.


    This is how it works with unreleased betas.
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    Excellent, thankyou! working again. One for the bookmarks me thinks!
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    Thanks for that info bcaslis .. just restored my 64GB 3G.
    Had a few problems on Windows 7 64bit, but eventually all now works.
    I had so many losses of WiFi, it was becoming annoying on 4.2.

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