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Has your 16GB Nano shipped?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Moriarty, Sep 10, 2008.


Has your 16GB Nano shipped?

Poll closed Sep 17, 2008.
  1. Yes

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    Just curious if anyone's Nano's have shipped yet! What colour, and what country have you ordered from?

    New Zealand here, waiting impatiently for a 16GB Green Nano! I wonder what is causing the shipping delays for the 16GB versions... memory chip shortages of the 16GB chips?
    The NZ Apple Store says ships in 7-10 business days (but my order status says ships in 1-3)... and the US Store still says 2-4, but the 8GB's all ship within 24 hours.

    Grr... hurry up :p

    Update: Order shipped 15 September.... TNT tracking says it hasn't budged from Hong Kong for 1.5 days. Should be here by Friday I hope.

    Update: It is here! The green colour is beautiful... a bit darker than on the Apple website with a nice metallic sheen. It's a really nice green! The corners on the ends aren't that sharp. I don't know what people are complaining about. This thing is so incredibly tiny... I love it already! If you haven't already, and your MP3 player needs replacing (mine really did... a chunky old 5GB Creative thing that was a real nuisance to work with Mac), buy an iPod Nano 4G and you won't regret it!

    Sync speed is pretty good, writes at about 11MB/sec, vs 16MB/sec for a 160GB Classic.
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    im very confident it will ship today and i will get a tracking number and it will be here on the 12th due to my overnight shipping!!!

    so im going to vote........when i get home and i know it shipped(which it will or already has)!
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    Black 16GB in Canada.

    It hasn't shipped yet, but I ordered on the 9th and it still says ships in 5-7 days. Hopefully it won't take so long!
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    USA, Orange 16 GB w/ engraving. Ordered Tuesday. Not shipped as of Thursday night. I think Steve did say hopefully this weekend?
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    2-4 days.......BS....
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    ordered 16Gb orange on tuesday with overnight shipping. Not yet shipped as of 10:25 ET,7:25 PT so i'm gonna guess it won't be here tomorrow. If it ships tomorrow hopefully I will get it saturday(saturday delivery?) and if not then i guess itll be monday or tuesday.
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    ordered mines 4 days ago.........it should be shipping today.......
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    "Prepared for shipment" as of Friday night.
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    Ordered mine yesterday... black with engraving... shipped very early this morning.
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    Still prepared for shipment on Sat. night, thought it might have gone out today even though I know its the weekend.

    Are these shipping from China or from CA?
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    i plan to buy the new nanos they look awesome! but might get a 2nd gen ipod touch tho.
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    Still "Not Yet Shipped" and I ordered on the 9th right after the event... I wonder why the Canadian orders are taking so long.
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    I bought mine after the event as well in the US and it has not shipped. 'Prepared to ship' since last night.

    So annoying.
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    I ordered mine right after the event as well. "Not Yet Shipped" is still my status.
    I bought a 16gb Green one. Mine has to come to APO after it hits my house in the states so I have an extra week of waiting :'( (Not that I need the thing but still)
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    i ordered mine 2 days ago , a purple one with engraving , not shipped yet ...
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    this sux :(
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    It does, but give it a few days, I bet it'll ship early next week. I'm pretty pumped for my nano, I haven't bought an iPod since my 3g 15GB in 2003! Can't wait to try it out.
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    by next week you mean tomorrow right ? ;|
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    Mine turned to "prepared for shipment" over the weekend, so I'm guessing that means it is manufactured and packaged and that it will ship out the next business day.

    Yay :D hope the shipping is speedy. When I've ordered standard in-stock products from the NZ Apple Store, they have taken as little as 15 hours from the "your product has shipped" notification (which came a few hours after ordering) to arriving on my doorstep... and that's coming straight from the Apple warehouse in SYDNEY! Pretty impressive. But this one's probably coming straight from China, so it might take a little longer :(
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    Not yet shipped...

    btw , us over here
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    Just ordered a Purple engraved 16GB today after a big let down from the apple store I usually go to. They told me they "hope" to have the 16GB's by the end of the week, so I just ordered online thinking i'd get it at about the same time, plus I get free engraving.Looking at this thread though maybe not.....

    Location - Buena, NJ
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    Mine has now shipped directly from China but it has a 'shipping exception'. :(
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    me too....i picked overnight shipping...will this hinder it.......:confused:



    my local best buy got the 16gb's saturday.......:eek:

    never ordering direct from apple agin:mad:
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    Ordered direct from Apple, in UK. Decided on both apple Exclusives; Red and Engraved, naturally.

    ETA 23 Sep, 2008 - 29 Sep

    Because my delivery address was different from billing, I got security checked, which delayed the payment going through but shouldn't affect the shipping as they're not even around yet.

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