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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Derrick Velasco, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Thanks! I want to see your beautiful MacBook Air's! I'm sure everyone else does too!
    And put your favorite background too! (If desired)
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    Here is a rather low quality iPhone pic I took a couple of weeks ago of both of my Airs side by side. This is right after I unboxed the Late 08 model. I need to take a better pic this one is admittedly not very good.

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    why does the one on the right look bigger than the other one? Or am I just not seeing right? weird....


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    Useful links, however the Air isn't a unibody enclosure Mac is it?
    And I requested specifically air.
    Thanks anyways!

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    The Air is theee original Unibody enclosure. Apple just never advertised it until they released the new Macbook and the Macbook Pro.
    I always wondered why the Air had such a strong build and it was much stronger than the previous MBP. If you look on Apple's webpage the Unibody enclosure is described as a feature on the Air.
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    That would be the iPhone camera that makes for some weird pics. They are both the same size. Late 08 on the left, Early 08 on the right.
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    NC MacGuy

    My Air with some of its cousins:

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    You my friend need to clean off your desk.
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    NC MacGuy

    I wouldn't be able to find anything.:p
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    They all look exactly the same. :confused:

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