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Have fun with a Genie Effect minimizing glitch

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 2, 2004.

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    I tried this out earlier today, and it was crazy. Really fun, I recommend playing around with this.
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    I can just see what's going to happen to the "post your desktop" threads now...
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    Mopar can we see a pic?. Sounds cool but I'm not brave enough to try this out.
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    haha this is awesome. its amazing that the window is still fully functional after being warped a bunch... shows how much power OSX really has, graphically.

    Mr.Hey: a screen shot wont do it much justice since itll just look like a still shot of the genie effect. just try it out, it cant do much harm. apparently it doesnt work with slower machines though...
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    I tried it with Safari, but clickable elements didn't work right: you have to click where they USED to be, not where you now see them. The cursor changes to show links, so you can easily tell this. And it doesn't surprise me--I'd expect OpenGL/Quartz to warp graphics, not clickable functional elements AS clickable functional elements.

    Funny to mess with though.
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    its not a permanent feature or anything, you jsut close the window and its back to normal.:rolleyes:
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    Nice trick...

    But now my Dock didn't restart...

    Isn't it suppose to load back up again?

    :confused: :eek:
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    Well according to Xero your problem doesn't exists. :rolleyes:

    :D ;)
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    Even tho it was only for me it was REALLY annoying, no dock means no Hidding Applcations because you can't Apple + Tab to cycle.

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