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Have you lost your iPod shuffle cap yet?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iGary, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Curious if anyone has lost theirs.

    Mine lives in the sport case for when I go running, and then I leave the lanyard on when I'm carrying it around.


    Seriously - anyone lost theirs?
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    Have been using it every other day since it came out, removing it on that basis and it is still brand new.
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    Nope: Then again, I haven't taken the Shuffle out of the nice green box.... I guess that might affect the lifespan of the cap, huh?
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    is the sport case worth the money in your opinion?

    and when i first got my shuffle i couldnt find the cap after playing around with it, but it turned up under my desk :eek:
    so now im extra careful with it
  5. jsw
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    Haven't lost mine yet. Presumably, I'll now lose it today.
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    For me, absolutely - I heard of another members shuffle getting destroyed when sweat entered through the back switch and since I run so much it was a no brainer.

    That said, it is an awesome case, easy to use, beautiful and durable. Worth every penny. iPodlounge did a write-up - it got an A+
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    its hard to tell from the pictures on apple's site, does it cover the whole shuffle? including all the buttons?
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    i was thinking about buying a shuffle cuz they look pretty sweet but honestly tell me if its worth it cuz i already have a 40gig photo and im just not sure if its worth the cash
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    the shuffle is awesome for working out, i like it too because i can use it for file transfers between my computer here and the computers at school

    its a bit easier to do this with the shuffle than the other iPods
    it depends on the user, if you work out a lot a shuffle is a must, or if you have short trips in which you want something smaller then the shuffle will be great

    but if you like and want to have as much with you hen just use your current pod
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    I still have it...and I am constantly clicking it on and off - so I can only guess it will go the way of the do-do at some point. I will have to look into that sport case now that iGary has me all paranoid about the sweat story ;)
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    I use my Altoids case. :D
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    Yeah, mine was gone within a few days....

    i use my shuffle pretty much every day at the gym. i am a powerlifter, some excersises are better with it in a pocket and some are better hanging around my neck. at some point i took the cap off to hang it around my neck and left it lay.... no biggie though as it has yet to cause me any trouble not having it.
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    I'm sorry, I know this is probably an incredibly ignorant and stupid question, but I can't find an answer for it ANYWHERE...

    What is this cap? I thought the shuffle was like... one piece?
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    Is apple planning on selling just the replacement cap?
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    The cap is on the bottom and covers the USB connector. You pop it off to connect to your computer. So no- it is not one piece.
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