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Have you named or given gender to any of your technology?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iParis, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Well I certainly have.
    I refer to my iPod as a she.
    Although, I have yet to give her a name.
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    Do hostnames count?
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    My GPS is named Alice 2.0 actually (my last GPS was just Alice). She's evil, more so than the original. It's a "Star Trek: Voyager" reference, specific to only one episode. Anyone who gets the reference is a genius.
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    That was easy. Hope you don't end up going somewhere bad...
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    No. Effing. Way.

    They're appliances, not living creatures. I can almost but barely empathise with people naming cars or boats... but gadgets? Who here has given their television a name?
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    I have not. I would like to see the personality profiles of people that do :) Seriously though if you have fun with it, name away.
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    Just don't get carried away or you may end up in this thread…
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    Thus the evil part. She's always trying to kill me by taking me down unlit roads and into bad neighborhoods. I'm convinced she wants someone who will input more exciting destinations than "school" and "work". :rolleyes:
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    When my PC at work barfs, I do speak to it. In very personal and colloquial forms. I call it "why you worthless piece of.."

    When Safari on my iPhone crashes, I speak to it as well, calling it my "you rotten little sonova....."

    Does this count?
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    I tend to think of my computer as male, but that only really comes up when I'm swearing at it :p
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    I think that's how most PC's are.
    On my PC I end up cussing it out because of how slow it is.
    It then gains it's gender from the insults I give it.
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    I think you'd get along with this guy.
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    Awwww...rdowns, you were almost the first person to try and connect the two threads. Better luck next time. :p
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    My TomTom is called Kate. But only because that's the name of the voice on it! Apart from that the only names I tend to call technology/things can't be repeated in polite company :p
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    I feel the same about the lady "inside" my GPS! I swear shes drinking sometimes! haha!
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    i cant name inanimate objects

    seems silly to me
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    My guitar is a she and is named Foxy for some unknown reason.
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    I had a fountain pen I named Monty, he's still alive but leaks ink so it's pretty unuseable now. iPods and such don't have "human" names (Obelisk, etc).
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    I have a toaster called toaster, a microwave called microwave, an egg timer called egg timer and a kettle called Philip.
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    Never. I do refer to my work computer (Dell PC) as "douche bag".
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    All of my electronics are hermaphrodite.
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    A boat without a name is bad luck. :p
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    My Elephant drive, for Time Machine, is Horton, because elephant's never ... ;) (I should call it Second Cup, because the thing sounds like a coffee-grinder when it fires-up.)

    My car is KIA, and being hetro, and loving it as I do, it's a girl. :eek:

    That's about it. No special name for iMac, or anything else really.
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    A past computer was named "Monster" and it was definitely male. The stupid thing used to piss me off to no end. Shutting down, crashing, operating slowly. I think my current laptop is it's long lost twin brother. :mad:
    My iPod is named Euterpe. After one of the Muses.
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    Yep. That's pretty much all of them.

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