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Have your iPod (classic and 3rd Gen) controlled from you car...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 30, 2003.

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    That's really awesome. Too bad they only make it for BMWs without DSP, not with DSP. Hopefully they will come out with a model for my car :(
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    well if the come out with one for an acura tl with the bose head unit im there.

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    I order a new Prius...Hopefully it can fly...This would be my only hope for that car since it only comes with a CD player...
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    Awsome, I've been making suggestions to Apple forr just such a device for years! But, the links on the ice-link.com web page don't go anywhere!#@ The above ihavetohaveit link does provide some info. Anyone know where to get more info? Thanks.
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    well they kind of go somewhere, look at the bottom of the page. but its still not very desriptive, they need to work on it a little more.

    edit: just looked some more into it, they left off acura (now they dont get my money) as well as many bmw's and almost all of gm's cars like chevy, caddy, hummer and more. i think i will stick to blitzsafe when it comes to this project.

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    When you click on the link look at the bottom of the page, the information comes up there.

    I wish they made it compatible with a Jeep or Nissan 300ZX. I'd jump on one in a heartbeat.

    edit - lol, I posted just seconds after iJon
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    Thanks for the feedback. What's BlitzSafe?
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    blitzsafe is a company that makes a device for your headunit to give you rca jack or 1/8th inch audio jack. they have it for almost every car i have ever seen, and most importantly my car. basically the set up i am going to have is connect the blitzsafe adapted behind my bose head unit, and wire it underneath the shifter all the way to the glove box. since tl's have a cigarette lighter port in the glove compartment i can use that belkin charger that also pumps sound through the firewire part. then just put my ipod in my glove compartment and wire the remote out of it so i can change the song. now this product these people have made is pretty kick ass, but is only good if your car supports it, if not you may want to consider blitzsafe. one of my customers hooked his up how i desribed in his tl and it was so awesome.

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    email the company, they are very helpful and my headunit wasnt specifically listed, they got back to me really quickly, with a positive answer.
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    i dont think its a head unit question. it is them not support tl's or acura's. it was probably to difficult because bose does their stuff in weird ways alot.


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