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Having Trouble Ripping and Encoding these Movies, has anyone else

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Wicked1, Dec 21, 2011.

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    No matter if I use Mac the Ripper or RipIt, I can rip the disc and play it on the mac, but I can not seem to encode using Hand Brake for whatever reason it just does not work.

    The following movies are giving me a hard time:

    Fools Gold
    Dan in Real Life
    Gridiron Gang
    Toy Story 3
    Jackass 2

    I am sure there might be more, I have about 60 discs to go thru yet out of around 800
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    Handbrake + VLC have given me no problems with any DVD.

    Make sure they're both either x86 or x64 and the latest & nightly build.
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    Some movies use methods to prevent ripping/encoding in order to try to prevent piracy. There are some workarounds, but some movies just can't be ripped.
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    Like Blueroom stated, Handbrake and VLC. I would start playing the movie using VLC and while the actual movie is playing click on Title in the toolbar and it will show you which title is playing. Most Dvd's have multiple titles only seconds apart to fool the decryption method. Once you determine the correct title open Handbrake and let it search. If it selects a Title other than the one you determined just click the dropdown arrow and select the correct title.
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    Once you have played the DVD and figured out which title is the actual movie, go into handbrake and select open (title specific).
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    I had no problem with Toy Story 3; ripped like all the other. I have never yet found a DVD or BluRay that I could not rip.
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    I've had some movies (the Count of Monte Cristo for instance) that Handbrake will not complete the scan...I've left it for hours and still nothing. Usually I'll try MKV...but even that failed for me.
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    Did you have VLC running with Handbrake? It sounds like it's not decrypting the disc.
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    No...I was only running handbrake...

    but I finally gave up and just played it in my DVD player...and there must be a scratch or smudge I don't see, because my player could not get through the whole movie...so there you have it.
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    Cars 2 WILL NOT rip in any way for me. I have tried Mac The Ripper and Handbrake.

    In fact, it crashes Handbrake completely.
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    I have the same problem with RipIt. I ended up using AnyDVD under Windows. I wish Little App Factory would sell RipIt to someone who could do a proper job of maintaining it....
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    Always used handbrake and it's never failed me as of yet. Plus there's pre settings for apple tv and other apple products.
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    The only movie from the OP's list I've ripped is Toy Story 3. Had no problems ripping the DVD using Handbrake.
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    What version of Handbrake are you using ? Are you up-to-date ?
    Also, try one of the nightly builds, they have fixed a lot in the last months since the last official release.'

    Rumor has it a new official release is coming soon.

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    Wait, do you actually have to have VLC running in order for Handbrake to use it to decrypt a DVD? You don't just have to have VLC installed?

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