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Having trouble watching purchased films on Apple TV!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by chrisynwa1987, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. chrisynwa1987, Feb 20, 2013
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    I got apple TV today seems to be working fine except for when i go to watch movies i already own, instead of play it says get film, then it says your film will be ready in 1 hours time. Is this normal? i dont want to be paying for the film again. I cant check my billing as hotmail wont let me access my email, so is this normal practice or am i doing something wrong? any help will be greatly appreciated.

    cheers chris.
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    You say you are trying to watch movies you already own. Are they located on your computer? Are you going through the "Computer" icon on the aTV menu to watch a movie? Or are you trying to download a movie from iTunes?
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    nah im going through the movies and into the purchased section then clicking on my pre purchased movies from there, is it just upgrading the quality?
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    It is probably re-downloading the content, since the content is not permanently stored on the Apple TV. Btw, how did you purchase them in the first place?

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    they were originally downloaded through i tunes on my laptop and ipad
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    Then you can stream them via AirPlay from your iPad or computer.

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    Any ideas guys?
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    What about AirPlay and streaming the content from your iTunes library on your Windows computer? Is that not an option?

    Otherwise the content, albeit already purchased and only temporary, has to be downloaded again to your Apple TV from the Apple servers holding that content.
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    what is airplay and how do i make it work?
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    What you should do is turn on home sharing within iTunes on your computer. Leave iTunes open and your computer on. Then on the Apple TV, go to "computers" and pull the movie from your iTunes library and play it from there. It might ask for your Apple ID if you hadn't put it in yet. You will not have to wait.
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    ive turned on home sharing but it wont let me drag and drop files

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