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Hbo, showtime and msnbc...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by arsimoun, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Hey All,

    Is there any way currently to pick up HBO, SHOWTIME and MSNBC via my Apple TV? If not, is there a reasonable expectation that I will be able to get these in the foreseeable future?


    Adam Rodman
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    HBOGO is available on the Apple TV. It requires a subscription to a participating cable/satellite company and an HBO subscription with said company. The other two are not available, but it is possible it might get them in the future. I can't give a reasonable guess on how likely that would be though.
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    HBO and Showtime ...

    would be nice if they came over as a stand alone - However I think we may years away. MSNBC I can't fathom the need. :rolleyes:
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    Cheffy Dave

    what cant you fathom? Another viewpoint, or the Truth, oh I'm sorry, you have to go,
    FAUX NEWS is on!
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    Hit a nerve ...

    :) nice spell check :) I do watch MSNBC - just love Sharpton and Schultz - great point of views :rolleyes: Just don't see the MSNBC coming over. Sky news seems swell.
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    rachel ,maddow has full video podcasts for free of her show, not sure about others
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    Hardball has audio, Morning Joe has video. Just do a search for "MSNBC" on the iTunes store.
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    You might be able to use the above TV show Apps on your iPad or iPhone, and send the content to your Apple TV via AirPlay. This assumes the apps allow this, of course.
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    Gee bud you're ready for a fight, chill a little. Both MSNBC. & Fox has gotten people so pumped up that no one listens any more . No wonder nothing can be done in congress, they reflect us. I watch them both an I enjoy the varied view points. But man oh man out in public as with this post a different view is shunned, hang'em high! Gees
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    From MSMBC to Fox and all broadcasters in-between support the current model and are 100% in agreement. It is far more profitable and stable than a pay per model ever will be. Unfortunately it's just human nature. We will blindly pay $100 a month (every month) for 500 channels we never watch but would only reluctantly pay $10 to watch a specific channel we will watch on demand.

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