HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by giganten, Mar 29, 2007.

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    Hardocp have an article about the fight between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

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    Interesting article. I chose HD-DVD 'cause I already had an Xbox 360. I've been really happy with HD-DVD and Netflix has tons of titles available.
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    I favour HD DVD, but it looks like Blu-ray is gaining the upper hand.

    By the way, there's no hyphen in 'HD DVD'.
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    i see a lot more Blu-ray DVDs than HD DVDs. for instance, most of the commercials i've seen for movies say "buy it on DVD or Blu-ray disc this Tuesday" whereas i can't recall ever hearing "buy it on HD DVD this Tuesday". i think Blu-ray might be winning this war.
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    I favour HD DVD too. And sorry for the hyphen ;)
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    I don't really care one way or the other. I already have an HD-DVD drive for my 360, but I will have a Blu-ray player once I get a PS3. There are movies that are exclusive to each format that I want, so eventually I'll need both. There really isn't any good reason to "pick a side," especially with the first combo players coming out.
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    Interesting. I prefer Blu-ray myself, for the simple reason that more storage = more applications for computer use. I don't really give a hoot about HD movies, since I don't watch movies very much anyway :p

    If you asked me which codec I support, though, I like H.264 the best - it's a standard, like MPEG-2, but it compresses better. VC-1's from Microsoft, so it gets a "blah" rating from me :p
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    definately a BR fan here. HD DVD doesn't quite cut it for me, personally.
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    I think things like dual format players will only add to the confusion to the average consumers. I really don't like this disc war, but I'm in favor of the Blu-Ray. I'd really like to see The Matrix/Matrix Trilogy released on both formats at the same time, it would be interesting to see the sales figure. Sadly though The Matrix is going to be released on HD DVD well before Blu-Ray, but hey it'll make for some interesting talk.
    Go Blu-Ray ;)
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    why do you like Blu-ray more than HD DVD?
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    How can something that can play both in one machine be confusing? Put disc in, no matter what it is (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD) and it'll work. The average consumer hasn't had trouble with the idea of "put in, play" in years. :rolleyes:
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    Blue-ray will win. Hopefully it will be standard in 3 years.
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    I dont care for either. Way over-priced and not really needed right now.

    When I go to Target, they are always sold out of HD DVDs and they always have a ton of Blu Rays. And I know they are sold out because I have a friend who works there telling me they sell more HD DVDs than Blu Ray.
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    I would go with Blu-Ray simply cause it will become the standard in the years to come. Also, I am assuming you won't be able to get a Sony movie in HD-DVD.

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    who calls it BD? :rolleyes:
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    BD as in "BD-ROM", "BD-R", "BD-RW", etc. :p
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    plus, i think blu-ray will be much better for packing seasons of tv shows and anime and the such, as it can hold a bunch more than your hd dvd. plus, hd dvd sounds confusing and like an extension of old tech, while blu-ray is new tech.

    don't care too much for movies, waiting for more storage and entire series on one disc. no more swapping cds after a group of episodes. just pop one in and that's your whole season/series.
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    But why not just get HD DVD? It's cheaper, actually has more space now(51gb triple layer) and has some kiler movies coming out on it.

    I think putting dozens of GB of data on a disc is risky. I'd rather go with flash based storage.
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    I must say going purely by the names I hope HD-DVD wins. Blu-Ray is a truly terrible name IMO.
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    :confused: HD DVD is a better name then Blu-Ray?:confused:
    Heh, here's a little something for you all.
    "HD DVD is going to be replaced by HHD DWDD BVD"

    But seriously, I'm in favor of Blu-Ray
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    I think Blu-Ray will win...

    A quad layer BD has 100GB and 50GB BD dual layer discs are here now, ready for use, viewing, and are recordable. HD DVD tripple layer 51GB (1 GB more than dual layer BD) for read only no recording or RW, three layers to beat a dual layer by 1GB and it hasn't been accepted as a part of the HD DVD standard (yet), so it won't work with the current HD DVD set-top box specification. Things could have changed though.

    The biggest feature I like about BD is its scratch resistance, as I tend to drop discs on concrete. :eek: Clean the thing with steel whool and see what happens(check out YouTube), can't do that with an HDDVD. Then there's BD-J... Dragon Lair anyone? Blu-Ray also has higher AC-3 audio bit rates, i.e. better surround sound capability but the most compelling reason why i hope Blu-Ray wins is.... Microsoft. As a Mac Zealot, it'll be cold day in Hell before I let Bill or Balmer into my livingroom.

    Also, the movie industry is real keen on protecting their intellectual property. AACS, the only encrytion scheme available for HDDVD has been cracked; BDs have BD+, in addition to AACS, which hasn't been and even if it were, BD+ is dynamic and can be changed... studios like this security advantage/option Blu-Ray has over HDDVD.

    Movie Titles: Blu-Ray has more titles coming out for release from every major studio and independents, except for Universal.

    my 2¢
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    Yes but for Blu-ray players, being able to decode that high quality audio is not required, unlike HD DVD. And HDi has shown much more potential then BD-J.
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    This comparison shows the true difference between Blue-ray and HD-DVD.

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