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Discussion in 'iPod' started by applefan89, Apr 8, 2009.

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    So since apple now offers hd movies, what about the old purchases of movies? Will we get a free HD version with the old movies we bought from itunes?

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    HD movies are more expensive.

    I wish they'd offer an upgrade for TV Shows. I have some shows that cost me $1.99 and now, for $2.99, I can get the SD version and the HD version.

    Sadly, they make you re-purchase.
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    that sucks, the reAson I ask is I'm about to buy an apple tv and will my movies still look good if there not hd?
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    If you watch them on the computer, they will look good. Watch them on a huge HD TV and they will look grainy.
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    funny you mention that as I actually got an email today saying that bc i had purchsed a movie recently (casiono royale) before the HD version was available, the HD version was on Itunes...all i needed to do was go into itunes and it would be in my ready to download, and sure enough, there it was.. DL'ing as we speak ... of course it might have also helped that i bought the HD of QoS and had placed the HD version of Casino in my shopping cart when i saw it available.. so i dunno.. maybe it triggered something

    im sure its just a one time thank you for spending so much $$.. lol...

    now i wish i had bought the 2 newer stargate movies on itunes!! :D
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    dont feel so bad, i was buying the HD versions and then deleting the SD versions, thinkning why do i want SD now? not realizing the SD versions are perfect for putting on your ipod/phone. LOL

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