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HD Video Choppy on Macbook Air 11

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by andrew8404, Jan 27, 2011.

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    So I just purchased the base Macbook Air 11 and love it so far. Though, I have noticed with some videos on Hulu and NBC it's a tad choppy when watching HD. The video is still very watchable it just seem sometimes it's a frame or two behind. Anyone else have this problem? Is that the flash crap or can the computer not handle it smoothly enough?
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    update to flash 10.2 beta to enable hardware acceleration
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    11.6", 1.6GHz 4GB RAM, no problems whatsoever with streaming 720p video...:)
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    I have the 10.2 Release candidate, and the MacworldLive broadcast was choppy on me toady. I was using my 1080p Panny to watch. Having 10.2 doesn't mean much if the embedded player doesn't support it.
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    1080p stresses even my 15" i5 MBP...
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    What if the video was around 480x320 just played fullscreen on a 1080p display, does it matter? If so then how in the world is it ever going to be able to drive a a 2560x1600 display? Feeling like a lot like a noob right now. :confused:
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    Choppy Video

    I'm adding this because I keep forgetting. The basic problem is your wireless router. I had a linksys router (black with the blue bar) and there is some issue with the apple computers and the newness of new routers. Once I bought a new wireless router everything is just fine. (This is thanks to the Apple guy at Best Buy). It has something to do with the speed or compression or mhz or something and it's the router's fault not the computer. If your router is more than a year old, get a new one. Don't download anything and dont sign up for any of the apple cleaning things.

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