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HDD space vanishes

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by max¥¥, Nov 14, 2012.

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    A few days ago i went to download something and was prompted that i didn't have enough hdd space. i was shocked to see i have 80mb of space on my 1tb external, i cleared 20gb of space and left it. the next day i had 80mb free again. this is a problem as my server backs up the main data partition to this hdd.

    I just ran Disk Inventory X, and it shows 711.9gb used, so thats almost 300gb that has just vanished.

    anyone have any ideas?

    thanks in advance
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    Re: HDD Space Vanishes

    If you are not sure of what is taking up the space, try an application like
    Grand Perspective, it will give you a visualization of what is using space and how much.

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    ok, ran that, shows 711gb of files and 219gb of "Miscellaneous used space" which adds up to about the formatted capacity, but it gives no indication of what is using this 219gb, shows no files as being attached to it
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    Are you running Time Machine on Lion or Mountain Lion? This uses some space for local backups that might be taking up your space. You can zero out the space by turning Time Machine off then back on.
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    Nope, running leopard server (the comp couldn't run 10.7/8 as it is a xserve G4)
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    HDD Space

    After you run Grand Perspective, you can move your mouse over the results to see the folder(s) that have offending sizes, that should show you what the issue is.
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    Are you using Time Machine? Time Machine will use _all_ the space on the backup drive, and that's normal for it. It will also free up space by removing older backups when it needs to.
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    it just says that the missing space is "Miscellaneous used space", it gives no files/folders using up the space

    Nope, the backup is a rsync script run by cron half daily
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    Then the next thing I can think of would be to showallfiles and start at root and go hunting for the files. It make be junk files stored in temp folders in admin account or something along the sort. I had a vanishing problem in lion that was discovered via this method and it turned out to be temp folder for mail.app. Break it down in finder after showallfiles with folder sizes beside each folder and expand into them looking for the lost space. I wish i could give better visual but im at work and not using Mac OS X.:apple:. let me know if i can help more, ill send u an email address if you like.
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    well, i tried the eqiv of that in terminal (defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE) and the biggest folder is the spotlight one, but at 66mb it's not the problem)
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    Les Kern

    Diskwarrior. Perhaps your directory is hosed?
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    Yeah perhaps it is, start with a disk verify to see if any directories are ghost.
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    I am a fan of using omnidisksweeper to find where space has gone (its a free app now)
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    Just ran diskwarrior for a second time, nothing, after rebuild the disk is exactly the same as before

    Just run it, dosen't see whats using the space, which is my exact problem, nothing sees whats using the space.

    And i can't just reformat, as this is my biggest drive i have noware to put the files while i reformat

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