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Headphone Dilemma. I'm not an audiophile.

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Sup3rknova, Aug 6, 2013.

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    I am not an audiophile and I hope no one comes in here just to bash another brand. So, ok getting headphones. Through a link from my employer I have certain brands I can choose from. I get a slight discount (nothing major, pretty much no shipping) but I can just have the final price taken off my paycheck over the period of several paychecks so I wont have to pay the total out of pocket right away. I like to buy from there because I can earn points as well. Anyway the ones they have and the ones I have been looking at are beats soloHD, Beats Mixrs, Sol, Sennheiser HD360, Sennheiser HD419, Sennheiser HD429. They don't have Audio technica or any other brands. Again, I am not an Audiophile (I don't think lol) although I love all kinds of music. ALL KINDS. I have tested beats at best buy and I actually like them. Certain music I love that hard hitting bass. (Hip hop, Electronic etc) But I also love rock like Radiohead, Rage, Beatles etc... I also have read up on Sennheiser and people seem to recommend those as well. One major factor is portability. I carry a backpack a lot and the way beats collapse into a small case is a major plus for me. I don't want to smash my headphones. I have read on the Beats Mixrs and people seem to like those as well. Again, I know peoples opinions on beats and I hope no one comes in to just bash them. I am just torn on what to buy. Any thoughts?
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    This will likely cause you to pay a lot more than you would have done if this offer wasn't available. If you're not an audiophile then my advice would be a financial one - don't do it. Buy some cheaper ones with a couple of good reviews from Amazon.
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    I tend to agree...I have a set of Senheiser pro cans, but I'm a music producer...you don't need to spend that kind of money if you just want to listen to music and are not heavily into recording etc....an Amazon search will reveal good headphones at prices that won't involve going I to debt...shoot for maybe $100 no more...you will find that the cheaper cans still sound great.
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    Get the HD429's and call it a day. As others have said - avoid the Beats. They are overpriced for what you get. Also, I see them get returned for poor construction an inordinately higher percentage of the time than what you'd think from what they cost.
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    I really like those HD429's. Only setback for me is I carry a backpack alot. I wish they were collapsable somehow. :(
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    The sound will help you live with the size. :)
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    Jessica Lares

    Sennheisers have a two-year warranty. And they're durable. Even at the cheapest price. Go for them. I throw mine around everywhere, and they're over a year old now. I just bought my brother a headset from them too, and they too are just as sturdy as the headphones and cost the same as his cheap ones that were flimsy.

    There is NO WAY those things will break in your bag unless A LOT of pressure was put on them.
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    (Without just slamming the bass heavy beats) will these Sennheisers provide some good bass still? I do love clean loud music but I do also like some good thumping bass where its supposed to be. (Hip Hop/Electronic etc.)
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    The Senns are balanced. Bass where it's supposed to be.
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    If you really like the bass, go ahead get the beats. They're not awful, they're just not for everybody. Personally, I think they sound muffled. I never liked Sennheiser's either. And Sol's look very uncomfortable since the cups can't rotate.

    Personally, you can get better for cheaper but probably not through the website you want. Look into Grado SR80i if you're willing to get something from somewhere else, they should be cheaper than anything on the list and Grado has great reputation.
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    If you like solid bass without losing fidelity I highly recommend the AKG 619DJ, they also come in nice colors:


    don't waste your money on the Beats when you can get better cans for less.
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    I have beats and they're great, although after 2 years I'm bored and I'm looking to get something new (maybe Audio Technica). Beats sound great but there's a definite style tax...if you're ok with that go for them. It's also worth mentioning that I probably wouldn't buy a pair of beats these days. Originally, beats were manufactured by Monster which was legit because they had a good name behind them. Nowadays beats has split from Monster and I have no idea what components are being used and I have to think this has shot down the sound and build quality a little. Just putting it out there!
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    I think the hd429 is the best deal They are $70 at Amazon with free shipping so don't pay more. You can get good profesional headphones to about $100. so don't spend more
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    I'm an audiophile...

    And with that out of the way, I'd say... the Beats MIXR is your obvious choice here. You get a discount on it, it's durable (aluminum), it's collapsible, it looks darn good, and it actually does sound great for a Beats headphone. Probably the best sounding headphone in the whole Beats line in my opinions.

    I'm not alone with that opinion, by the way. There are many audiophiles I have conversed with that agree with me. The Beats MIXR is actually a pretty good pair of headphones. If it was priced at $200, it'd be very competitive.
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    Imo, Sennheiser Momentus or B&W P5 if you are looking at that price range.

    But it's best if you test out headphones yourself, because everybody likes a different sound character. The supposedly best headphones by consensus can actually be horrible if the sound character is not what you are looking for.
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    Another vote for the B&W P5s (I have a pair and they are excellent). Sennheiser are also very good, as are Technics, and Grado. For my money, Beats are a triumph of marketing over substance.

    However, before purchasing anything, you should try them out; that way, you'll find out for yourself which sound you prefer.
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    Guys, the OP only has access to certain headphones through his work website.

    Not B&W. So, as good as the P5's might be, they're not an option for him.

    Please read the OPs first post.
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    As you are looking for beats soloHD, Beats Mixrs, i just find a site with reasonable price and good quality. You can have a look at it:www.beatsofficiel.com. In my mind, i like Beats Mixrs better.:D

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