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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by demonx, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Anyone know where I can get a portable, slick looking pair of white headphones, to go with my new iBook?

    Now that I am a mac user, non matching, ugly headphones shall never do;)
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    Whatever happened to mac users being about creativity and efficiency? Screw this form crap.

    Go buy a pair of BLACK sennheisers. A pair of HD590s will run you around $200 and cannot be beat.
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    Cant give you a link because the session will time out...but....

    Go to Apple.com > Store > Music & Audio (on the left side in the colum thingy)

    There you will find these Sonys that are like glass looking, they would match your iBook. Cost about 120 dollars, there are more there so go check it out.
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    It really depends on what kind of music you'll be listening to on the headphones. some are better at different styles then others.
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    Re: HeadPhones

    Those sonys also sounds like junk unfortunally. All Sony headphones do...
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    Eh.. not really. Get a good pair and it will be fine for everything.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've stopped using headphones lately - my ears have been ringing a bit since I started using them more often. Anyone else ever have a problem with this? And I have noticed that its gotten better since I stopped.

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    Yes, I do a good deal of headphone listening. I noticed a ringing, but I think I always had it. It's not noticable if I don't think about it. I've read lots about it and they say it can become permanent. Since then I've been monitoring my sound levels as ears can become 'used' to a certain volume when listening. They say the ringing is the cilia for a certain frequency(s) constantly firing signals to your brain whether agitated or not.

    How bad was your ringing? How often did you listen to your headpones and through what type of device?
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    Re: Headphones

    Most good quuality headphones aren't very pleasing aesthetically. There's usually a trade-off for sound quality vs. styling. Mainstream white headphones are something of a rarity since they're so visually striking and contrast with other colors.

    Headphone headsets rarely come in white. Your best bet would be Apple's accessory earbuds.

    Personally, the headphone experience is all about sound quality and not about looks.
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    Sorry man I hate to disagree with you, but it does make a difference. Go to any audiophiles website. take for instance my Technics 1200 headphones. They're great for Trance music, in terms of DJing and such. But **** they're horrible for just listening. Well depending on waht you want. Like I said thre are a lot of different choices.

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