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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MacDadd3, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Hey guys just a heads up if anyone is looking for a smart covers specially the leather ones, amazon has them at 30 and 33.95 for the leather ones and I got best buy to price match them from my amazon app. The polyurethane ones range from 15-20. I got the red leather for 33 so price match!!
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    Any links to help all out?
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    For the mini or reg. iPad?
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    Look at reviews. They all say they're fake.
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    Here is what I finally decided to purchase. Bright Red - - won't have a hard time finding it ;o)
    rooCASE Dual-View Multi Angle Genuine (Red) Leather Case
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    The point wasn't to buy from amazon...

    I posted that you should get best buy to price match that way you are sure you are getting an apple product...
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    Price match a counterfeit product's price and supply the genuine article? I don't think so!
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    aahhhhaaa so i pulled the trigger on one of these without reading the reviews (because I already knew what it was and had one before, not considering that it could be a scam on Amazon). the reviews should be based on the merchant specifically though, correct? a review or two mentioned the specific merchants and they weren't mine, who has a 98% score. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when it gets here.
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    I ordered this one and have been using it for a week now. It is identical in every way to my genuine 2 year old grey poly cover from apple, except it is a bit lighter shade than the genuine cover. Made well, it's a good buy. It even has the mini lettering on the inside like the apple one, that says "designed in us, made in china" or whatever the original lettering is.

    Is it fake?


    Do I care?


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    Ok I'm not sure I'm getting the point across. I'm going to attempt to paint a picture.

    Ok so price matching works like this typically stores that Match amazon prices require that the item ship from amazon and be the exact product. In order to very that its the exact product all they check is either the barcode or that the produc listed on amazon is made by Apple. Which my link provides both of those.

    Whether its a counterfeit that's on amazon.com not the consumer. Therefore, you scan the barcode on your amazon app which shows up the link I posted. You show that which based on amazons site is shipped by amazon and is made by apple.

    Best buy then has to price match it because amazon lists it with the same UPC code. Then you receive a genuine apple Smart Cover for the cheap price at best buy.

    Is this technically ethically wrong? Maybe but so is amazon for listing a counterfeit product as an original product no?

    Hope this helps I wasn't trying to fool anyone just showing a way that you can make sure you get an official Smart Cover for the amazon price listed like I did.
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    Well if you're aware they're fake it's disingenuous at the very least. I wouldnt do it personally but whatever, it's Best Buy not your flesh and blood.

    Anyway, I got mine from Amazon. It wasn't in a case which is superweird and maybe used? but I put it side by side with my non-leather Smart Cover and I really don't see a difference at all. Down to the type of metal on the side, the code on the metal, the designed by apple California made in china whatever, and the quality of the build. Whatever, if its fake its fake. It works and seems made just as we'll as Apples.
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    Unless you get an inept register person they ONLY pricematch "SOLD BY AMAZON" prices. All the sellers on your link are 3rd party sellers and Best Buy won't match it according to their policy.

    If you get them to match one then they broke their own rule. But good luck trying (Not being sarcastic)!
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    it says "fulfilled by amazon"

    Manager rang me up and I've price matched plenty of things, as long as its amazon fulfilled it works.
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    In a few years when Best Buy goes the way of circuit city, you guys will be sorry you used loopholes to weasel a few dollars out of them, and that there's no more b+m stores to test drive your tech goodies before buying them online.

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