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Heads up, don't buy this case if you hate fake leather

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by kloan, Apr 24, 2010.

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    This one here:

    Seller is a flat out liar. Described as leather when in fact it's nothing more than cheap (very cheap) fake leather with even cheaper microfiber on the inside (seriously, very, very cheap quality).

    I sent it back the same day I received it. The seller had the nerve to insist it's real leather, even after I called him on it.

    So if you're like me and don't like being lied to and sold fake leather, do not buy this case.
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    It's actually leather made of actual executives.
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    lol, no wonder it felt so fake! :D
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    Executive leather? Is that like Corinthian leather?
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    ok ok.... it wasn't the 'executive' part that made me think one way or the other.... just 'leather'. does that help clear things up?? :p
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    Thats a "simplism" case knockoff.
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    aka 'CrazyOnDigital'
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    At least the cheapo case I bought from a guy in Hong Kong for $8.99 plus a whopping $2.99 shipping ;) the seller listed it as "genuine imitation leather" so apparently there is fake imitation leather out there, so I knew what I was getting. After 18 days I finally got the case, and to my surprise the case isn't really that bad. It will do until I find the case I really want to use.

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