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Hear ye, hear ye! Student developers..

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by janey, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Finally we have an IRC channel! Thanks for the post!
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    what program do you all use to chat via IRC? I don't think i have one on my mac.
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    How can't i get the IRC and join to you! I view Student Developer Forum ,but did not find the entry . thanks for your hlep !
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    wrote this in an email to the thread

    To fill it out, colloquy is nice for people who know the IRC basics, and who like looking at pretty stuff. Its based off webkit though, so its pretty slow.

    x-chat aqua is nice and fast, except its ugly. steve green (is that the x-chat aqua dev?) did a good job porting it, but nothing else.

    for people who have no idea how to use IRC or something, and wont mind using a slightly featureless IRC client, try Conversation ( http://homepage.mac.com/philrobin/conversation/ ).

    for people who know their IRC and dont want to use something like that, there's always irssi. Get fink or dports, install with the usual apt-get or port install.

    for first timers and whatnot, I suggest reading an IRC primer/tutorial. I have one for a different channel that I wrote for all platforms, I modified it slightly to fit, but nothing else really. So if something doesnt make sense, sorry :)

    Thats just IMHO though. YMMV. But see ya in #studentdev! I'm melee (or melee_squared), say hi or something hehe. And get more people to get in there!
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    Thanks a lot . I think i know how to use IRC and join to you .
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    awesome, I joined the list!

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