Heard of iPod Vending Machine?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DCapple, Mar 29, 2006.

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    yes i cant believe it myself until i read this article....


    This machines can be found at the Las Vegas Hilton, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Argent Hotel, and the Hartsfield Atlanta Airport.

    So thats why i never seen it cause never been to those places....lol...

    I wonder how the ipods comes out of the machine? are they like those vending machines of coca cola? Anyone who have or had seenb it can you enlighten me please...:confused:
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    You don't feed them with coins, though...
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    Yeah, I've seen them in a few airports now. I think someone on this forum even took a picture of an airport vending machine that had Mac Mini's in it. Can't remember who or when though.
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    I saw a pic of one of these in Macworld last month, "We dont carry MP3 Players from four different makers, we decided that from a digital music stand-point, Apple is the best" Zoom CEO Gower Smith. There are 130 of these things in malls, hotels, etc.. they hope to have 10,000 stores in the next 5 years Pretty cool
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    I like them. I can't remember if I saw this on digg.com or if it was Macworld (probably the latter). Still, I hope it works out for the company.
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    We got the demand and they got the supply.
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    ...and Pavilions in Valencia town center. :D
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    "One hundred ninety-nine dollars and five cents, one hundred ninety-nine dollars and ten cents....."
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    Didn't someone in Japan even design a giant, parking structure - sized vending machine for cars? :eek:
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    We also have one in the Ladera Ranch, CA Pavilions... I've never seen someone buy something, but it's nice to know that I can run out at 10 pm and buy that emergency iPod I need...
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    I think it's a funny idea quite frankly. As in dumb. :cool:
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    i cant believe im so not updated...i wish to see one...we dont have it here in Singapore..:eek:
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    I think, I'm pretty sure I saw one in the Atlanta Airport, but I'm not sure, I think they were, respectively the same price they are now
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    So what if your ipod gets hung up like a bag of chips in the vending machine? You know...about to drop but dangling there, just out of reach. You shake and kick the infernal machine. No luck. It won't budge. Then, when you go to try to find an attendent the next person comes along...sees your ipod hanging there...buys one of their own and get's a bonus Ipod!!... you then come back, all in a huff, with a slack-jawed attendant in tow and .....nothing...no hanging ipod...no evidence that your ipod was ever there... just you..OUT $400!
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    Its actually pretty cool to see it in action... a robotic arm picks up the iPod and drops it in a hopper for retrieval.
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    I think I'd just put my head between my knees and howl like a baby :D

    Especially if they bought a 30 and got your 60 for nuthin'
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    No iPod vending machines here in Japan, but if I do need to buy my emergency iPod I can just run to the 7/11 just around the corner. Nano's, 5G's, cases, and iTunes cards! All available 24 hours a day!!!

    Edit: No iPod vending machines here in Japan that I have seen.
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    Yup - Saw one in Atlanta's airport back in February...
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    I'd never like, buy one from one of those. I'd look for a good deal on Amazon or Buy.com, or something --- but those machines are not nice. They make me nervous.
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    I said B, 9 damnit!
    C, 0? WTF is C0?
    Oh No, 512 shuffle?!! what the heck am i going to do with a 512 shuffle?
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    how high do you think it is drop? Is it high enough to have damages upon retrieval even its inside a box....:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    I wonder if their is an education option :p
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    hahaha...no seriously does the drop dont damge the iPods?
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    Has anyone here actually bought an iPod from one of these machines?
    It makes sense in a place like an airport where people have to stay inside and maybe they forgot their iPod. Talk about an impulse purchase.

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