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heat issues!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Onimusha370, Jan 29, 2011.

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    i've got the ultimate 13 inch mba (2.13ghz, 4gb ram). when browsing the internet, checking mail, or looking at photo's my cpu temp goes between 50-60 degrees.
    however, when i start editing video in imovie the temp jumps right up to the high 70's. skype is even worse, and after just 2 minutes on a video call my cpu is in the mid 80's.
    is this to be expected? and what kind of effect is running consistently in the 80's going to have on life expectancy, performance, and battery life?
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    Your temps are perfectly normal for Apple notebooks. They're designed to run at such temps without problems. They're also designed to shut down if the temps get too high for a sustained period of time. Many have run as high as 105C without shutdowns.
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    I have similar problems when I run lots of Flash videos. The fan will stay on a lot longer, especially if I have the Air on lap or bed covers. I guess it's best to have it on a cool survice.
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    temps are fine, if the temperature get to high your computer will shut off automatically as a defense mechanism against damage
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    thanks everyone,
    i'll stop worrying and start enjoying this great machine.
    still amazes me seeing how thin this thing is.
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    What everyone said is correct, the mobile CPU's used in macbooks have a TJmax of 105C.

    When the core temperatures of your CPU reach 105, the computer will shut off, but having temperatures around the mid 70-80s during skype video calls is normal.
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    Yeah mine gets hot too. I like to think of the aluminum case as a second heatsink if you will :)
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    Totally agree. This is what I noticed most while traveling in the airport. Other travelers kept hauling out large dinosaur laptops. My sister has a large 14” (?)HP laptop, and I used to have 17” Powerbook, and I could never use laptops that size again.
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    What do you guys use to check basic info like temps?
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    Apple OC

    iStat works OK
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    iStat Pro

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