Heath Ledger dies

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by leekohler, Jan 22, 2008.

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    what the hell? talk about unexpected.
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    The hell?
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    Me and Lee both reported this at the same time but since this thread is going Im gonna ask mine be closed.
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    So what kind of drugs are involved? :(
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    I don't think they know yet.
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    My first thought too. Very sad to hear it; it seemed like he had a promising career ahead.
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    Wow...this is just crazy.
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    Very sad :(


    I wonder what caused this? I'm suspecting drug overdose if there was a bottle of pills.

    And what happens to movies like The Dark Knight when one of the lead actors dies?
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    wow... this came out of nowhere!

    Sympathies to his family... and his daughter!
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    Depends how far along the movie is in shooting. They can either scrap the film or rewrite it.
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    I'd never heard of him, had to ask my wife who he was. Still shame when somebody so young dies.
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    question fear

    So sad...he just had a baby recently too.
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    i thought this was a joke at first

    never really seen any of his movies, and havnt heard about him until brokeback mountain, but all the same
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    I'm pretty sure Dark Knight would be close to being filmed and in post production. But yeah, very sad.
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    Didn't see that one coming. How awful!!
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    The film is in post production.
    He was filming a new movie at the time.

    But Batman is safe.
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    Maybe it is a joke. If you look him up on Wikipedia a giant penis takes up the whole screen. NSFW.
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    28 yo:( r.i.p.
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    Took up.

    Article is now locked-- as it should be.
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    Sad but it looks like sucide. Feel sorry for those that knew him and he left behind more so than him.
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    And I just got my Blu-ray edition of "A Knight's Tale" that Amazon had on sale and was going to watch today. That has to be one of my favorite movies ever...

    RIP... you will be missed...

    EDIT: Oh, and waiting for my copy of "The Patriot" as part of the 5 free discs... So sad when this happens to someone famous.
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    This is a total shame. He was an awesome actor and a great guy. :(
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    More likely an accident unless there's some evidence that he offed himself deliberately?
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    from what i'm reading it seems like a suicide. but i don't. really shocking, he was a very good actor

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