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Heinz revamps ketchup packets

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mscriv, Feb 4, 2010.

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    This is long overdue good news. :)
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    I would love to get some for home use.
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    PC ketchup (that's what we call ketchup packs in the restaurant biz :D) is already too expensive. I can only imagine what this new packaging is going to add to the bill...
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    I have childhood memories of drowning my fries in ketchup / making little puddles on the tray for dipping because of those packets, though I haven't shopped anywhere that offers ketchup packets in years. I will say that I don't feel good about a product that increases the laziness with which people can consume fast food. When will we see french fry containers with built in ketchup, so you can bypass the dip process entirely and "drink" your ketchuped fries straight from the container, SUV-driver style?
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    Some restaurants in the UK have had this packaging for years. It seems to still be optional though, as lots of places still only do either the squirt one or the dip type.
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    Why did it take them this long, I wonder? Up until now, ketchup has been the only condiment that doesn't come in little cup.
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    Anonymous Freak

    I see mustard, pickle relish, mayonnaise, salsa, and 'honey sauce' in packets all the time. The only one of those I regularly see in the 'dip' packets also is the 'honey sauce'.
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    Wish the picture provided something for scale. If it only contains the same amount of the goods that a tear-off only packet does, it might last for two or three fries. There will be more waste when you can't get enough on the fries to make it worthwhile, so you toss it and open another one.
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    ^^^ The story says it holds more than current packets.

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    Awesome! I can't wait to try it.
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    i dip then squirt. Sorry :eek:
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    Thank Goodness! I thought it was over... but now there is hope.
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    Finally, some innovation in the ketchup department!
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    Great, more wastful packaging to be thrown out. :mad:

    Soon people will be forgetting about the wonderful unknown that occurs when you are trying to pound out the fake red stuff from the glass bottle.

    Oh, and why the heck would one go to the heinz facebook page to show pictures and tell the world about your glorious and wonderful ketchup experiences. Well, I can see the entertainment in sharing the laugh you had when another dinner patron squirted ketchup all over him/herself after trying to pound it out of the glass bottle.
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    I'm going to wait and see what Apple has up their sleeve.
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    Our most advanced packaging, of a revolutionary condiment at a ridiculously high price.
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    Why do you think they called it ketchup?

    (see rdowns' avatar for an illustration of where they're constantly starting from)
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    It's been around for years in London. Holds about three times as much as the older style. I see this more often than I see the old style package.
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    This packaging has been around for a good while now. In any case, ketchup blows, brown sauce is champ!
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    Tommy K - what a champion, nee substitute for the day to day bit.

    Just get him away from my bacon bap and find me Frankie Bruno (HP).
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    LOL. Playing with "food" win.
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    yeah like unibody box with an automatic lid that opens up to reveal the world's best ketchup :rolleyes:
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    I can finally enjoy ketchup with my fries while I drive. Next invention: a way to keep fries good for more than a few minutes. After that: frying oil that fries and tastes like lard instead of insipid chemical "health" formulations.
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    Good point Gregg2! :)
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    I'm looking forward to seeing the "I can't believe it's not lard" commercials.

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