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    Does anyone use this service? Does it work well? Is it cool? I'm looking into getting a device that is a PDA/phone/camera, any suggestions for a student? I'd like to get the iPod phone, but no idea when thats coming out.
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    I'm a new Helio Ocean adaptor and so far I'm quite impressed! I did want the iPhone, but the price for the iPhone + service was out of my budget....

    This Helio Ocean does a lot and does it quite well. I have no major gripes about the phone. Plus, with there "All In" plans you really can't go wrong!
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    I had it for a little while and enjoyed it until I couldn't afford it anymore. Their service is great overall and their phones are all unique.
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    Whats an iPod phone? Can I have one?
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    I'm assuming he/she was referring to a iPhone...
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    Yes, and its coming on June 29th in the US, and Q3 in Europe :)
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    Kermit the frog

    I have the ocean and it rocks./.....until i acutally get my hands on an iphone the ocean imo is better
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    PM your # so we can buddy beacon!!!
    I was thinking Helio should open a community site for forums and sharing info so Helio peeps can Buddy Beacon all around! It would have been much more useful if it could just detect Helio users and have setting s to broadcast publicly or what-not to everyone instead of having to add people.

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