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HELP! - 3G iPod dead or just battery?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by zelmo, Nov 25, 2004.

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    We got our daughter a 3G iPod last year for Christmas, which is just barely out of the one year warranty. Last night she came in to tell me that it wouldn't turn on, and that the computer (iMac G4 800, OS 10.3.6) didn't recognize it when she plugged it in via F/W. It also does not appear to take a charge. We tried resetting it with no success. I cannot hear any drive activity when I hold it to my ear while trying to reset.
    My daughter usually uses her iPod in her car, using a cig lighter charger at all times. Does keeping it plugged in all the time cause the battery life to drop to zero after a while? Is this thing dead? She says she didn't drop it, and I believe her.
    I figure I'll take it to the Appple Store tomorrow, and if it is truly dead, maybe getting her the U2 iPod (she is not a fan, but her favorite colors are back and red).
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    Artful Dodger

    It might be the battery, I got a 3G iPod from the refurb. apple store and the guy said the battery had been replaced as to why it came back. So far so good and no problems. Maybe it's just the battery? Did you also try to charge it from an outlet (wall)? Not to sound dumb, but my friend had the switch on top moved over so not to turn it on and took his iPod back to the store only to be shown that his iPod was ok after he let it run down then recharged it and didn't notice the button moved over :eek: hope it is something simple for you.
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    Took the iPod to the Apple Store yesterday, and they confirmed what I feared - dead hard drive. I had purchased the iPod last year for Christmas, and it was now 10 days past the warranty coverage. Section C: Article 12 of Murphy's Law dictates that if you buy extended coverage you won't need it (and vice versa), so naturally, we hadn't purchased the extended warranty and were now looking at a $249 repair cost.

    My daughter will be very bummed, because she doesn't have the cash to get it fixed and will be without her iPod. Now she will be forced to lug around a portable CD player and a sleeve of disks again. How very "back in the day."

    At least she will be thrilled Christmas morning to find a new U2 iPod and the JBL On Stage speaker under the tree.
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    Do you want to sell the broken ipod by any chance?
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    Sure. The back was personalized, so you may not really want it. PM me if you are interested.

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