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Help a poor student upgrade to a g4

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by supermegatron, Jul 8, 2004.

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    Well my credit cards got maxed out and I had to sell my emac and my ipod to catch up I still have a messed up g3 b&W its 300 mhz and it has a ixmicro video card but the conectors dont match my vga monitor I am looking a g4 zif cpu any speed and a mac compatible vga card that is supported by osx and can use open gl a harddrive would be nice but i dont need it right now I have 150-175 max left that I can spend so I am looking for charity basically lol oh I also need a mouse and keyboard a imac hockey puck is fine or a adb keyboard as long as its cheap
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    I would skip the g4 and invest in a book detailing the fine art of sentence structure.

    Clearly the item you seak can be found priced below your limitations. Go forth young student and learn the art of ebay... and grammar too, please.
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    n1 cr2sh. :)
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    That would be "the item you seek". Perhaps you should invest in a spell checker or dictionary, so that you don't misspell a word the next time you rag on their grammar.

    That being said...that guy writes a really bad sentence.
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    Where do you live? You can get puck and USB keyboards at recycle places (and REALLY cheap macs too...) for next to nothing. They exist. there is a massive warehouse by me with tons of crap. I got a powercord, mouse, VGA adapter, fans, all for a $2 donation. Piles of hard drives. I was in shock looking at it all. Check your yellow pages for computer recycling places.
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    Ever heard of a " . "

    Talk about a run on sentence
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    sorry for the bad grammer, as you can tell I am not a english major.LOL
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    [hangs head]
    Thanks peyote.

    Seek Schmeak... I want a ****ing period. While it is easy for anyone to throw an occasional misspelled word in (point proven)... I find it more difficult to string together 10 sentences without a single period. At least try... :)

    Funny thing is.. I actually did spell check that before posting it.. somehow I missed the red jagged line... who knows.
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    I've got an ADB keyboard and mouse that you could have for free (3 each actually. I'll pick the best of each). Just pay shipping. Let me know if you need 'em.

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