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HELP! Buggy Refurb G4...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by djtet, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Hey all,
    I received my Refurb G4 DP 1.25 combo the other day. In just two days use and installing different software, I've had quite a few freezes and lockups. I'm running 10.2.6 and added 512 crucial ram.

    During some installation of some of my older classic programs, I had to force quit a few times. I tried to (from wacom cd) install the wacom driver and it kept freezing so I would force quit. Then I installed the driver from the website and all was fine. I tried watching a dvd using both dvd player and a 3rd party dvd program and rainbow circle just kept going. I force quit. Then left the room and 10 minutes later the dvd was playing in dvd player. I then tried a different dvd and it worked fine! There have been just a couple of times when I've had to hold down the power button because it locked up.

    Is this normal for a new/refurb machine running osx??? Should I contact apple or give it just a bit longer?
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    Erase the entire hard drive, I mean, reformate and then re install the entire system again.

    Refurbish problems are based on hardware issues not software, then if the problems continues you may have a ram problems and that is a hardware issue.

    Use your logic man.
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    I would try removing the Crucial RAM first. Reinstalling the OS will take some time, but removing the Crucial RAM will only take a couple of minutes and you can see the results quickly.

    If that doesn't help, try removing the Apple RAM and replacing it with the Crucial RAM.
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    I have not tried switching the ram, or reinstalling the os. I will try those things, but just wanted to see if anyone else ever had these types of problems and is it normal. Everyone always says that pc's crash a lot (and they do...in my experiences) and my old clamshell ibook was always so steady. That's why I'm surprised I've had these problems in the first 2 days. I will try switching ram and reinstalling, but would also like more feedback and experiences...i'm just worried that it is a hardware issue rather than a software issue!
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    I'm back home and I first just switched the ram (I put the 256 into slot one and the new 512 into slot 2...and made sure they were in there good. All day my fiance said that she had no problems on the internet and such. After I switched the ram, I turned the computer on, opened photoshop, illustrator, safari, iphoto, a few different files, and played a dvd all with ease and no freezes/crashes! Hopefully the past two days were flukes? Maybe it was giving me problems because at the time I was installing software, but not shutting down and restarting? Anyway, I hope that it continues to work like it is cause it kicks ass when it runs like this. I might be back with questions if it starts its freaky ways again!!!
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    Re: HELP! Buggy Refurb G4...

    Where did you get it from? I hope you do not say macwarehouse.com. I bought my refurb from there and it acted nuts. I sent it back for a refund because they did not have any more. Then I saw one for sale about two days after they received mine. I was afraid it was the same one, so I did not buy it. I am just hoping you did not receive my buggy one.
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    i got it directly from apple...last night it worked great! so for now i'm just going to keep an eye on it and have fun with it!
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    Okay, thank goodness! Enjoy it, it was probably just a freak thing. I know I am a little more cautious when something goes weird, if it is a refurb. I would not worry too much about it!

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