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    i have a 300mhz clamshell running 10.3.7
    i put it to sleep this morning by closing the lid
    i took it out of my backpack, and opend it up
    nothing happend
    i cant remember if the light was blinking or not
    i shut it down
    tried to start it up
    wont start up
    press powerbutton, capslock/numlock light will show, but nothing else.
    i keep pressing the powerbutton.
    it begins to start up
    it hangs at the first startup screen
    i shut down
    repeat process of pressing powerbutton on off, and pressing the reset button
    holding both buttons
    nothing works
    randomly start up
    no pattern of start up
    now will not start up at all
    only the capslock light will come on
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    please! anyone!
    nothing changes when i try witht he power hooked up, or with the battery out. every so often it will start up. make the start up chime. run, but nothing will come on the screen. PLEASE HELP! :confused: :(
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    Is it out of power? When out of juice, a PowerBook/iBook won't come out of sleep mode. And it might not want to turn back on due to its low power levels.

    Try connecting it to AC power.
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    Thats what i was thinking to

    Try That!
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    Get a paper clip and press the reset button above the power button and remove the battery and wait 10 minutes.

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