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HELP! Could get kicked out of school for cheating!

Discussion in 'Community' started by markjones05, Feb 18, 2004.

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    Ok here is the story,
    One of my accounting professors is a real hard ass and at the beginning of the semester went on and on about his cheating policy and how if you are caught cheating not only will you fail the course but also be thrown out of school. Today we had a midterm it was open book and open note. The girl next to me missed a day of class and asked for my notebook wich i gladly gave to her to copy in her own before the test. During the exam she was looking at my test and copying my answers, im not sure but i think word for word. At one point i turned the page and she told me to go back wich i responded no and covered my paper. Now I am worried the professor will find that our papers are so similar and punish us both. Should I call him and tell him what happened? Will it help? Will i fail reguardless? How will he know that I am not the one who cheated? I dont want to get this girl kicked out of school, but if its between me and her, thats no choice at all. This is my last semester here and i dont want to **** it up. I dont think i should wait to see what happens but i want your opinions. usually you bring things to my attention that I havnt thought about. Please HELP!
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    Chip NoVaMac

    You probably need to look at your schools code of conduct for answers. I would probably based on the info you provided go to your instructor and tell him what you feel took place. Offer to take a different exam under the same conditions.
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    I know it seems a little mercenary, but damn straight you need to go to the professor before he comes to you.
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    You don't want to take chances with something as important as this. Go to your professor right away.
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    Cheating polocies can very tough especially at Colleges, they will kick you out and make you foot the rest of the bill *Ouch*
    Your parents would kill you if u got kicked out and they had to pay $25000 a year for a school your not at!:eek:
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    That always works the best. Just say you did your best but she kept tring to copy....
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    Besides, you don't owe the girl anything. She made the decision to cheat and you shouldn't feel guilty because someone else wasn't considerate enough to study on her own.
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    Exactly, you tried to help her as it is and she could get you in trouble by her actions. Do the right thing, tell the truth now before it comes out and if she screwed herself out of school its her own fault for cheating.
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    you stupid a$$...

    was the girl hott?

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    Gee, I never thought about using "hey, do you want to cheat with me" as a pickup line.

    Wait, now that I think of it, it IS a good pickup line :D
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    You are thinking with your head now!

    I do not remember a test where I didn't cheat in school. My best memories are from cheating in class. I remember one time when a friend of mine close to the end of the test took just like that the exam of the smartest guy in the class room and started to copied and every body was loughing because the teacher didn't tell. Then he throw the test to me and some one in the middle grab it in the air to copied too. The entire classroom could notice that and the teacher was asking what was going on. The entire thing was so funny, I was so red as every one else by holding our lought. No one told anything of course. And that was a final. At the end some one else turned in both test and the teacher didn't tell of course.

    Is not strange to find 2 test with the same name, sometimes people cheating get so nervous that they even copy the other person name in their own test.
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    what does that matter? And how am I a stupid Ass?

    ..and no its not.
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    Yea well i tried to call the professor and there was no answer so i sent him an e-mail. We'll see what happens. I hope i don't have to retake the test.
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    I hope that teacher got fired...
    What a terrible lesson to teach his students
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    well it doesn't REALLY matter, that was more of a joke...

    but stupid for letting the girl cheat, i meanm sheesh, if you noticed she was looking than cover the answers better- and say something right after the class
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    I would not have identified the girl but made him aware of the situation.

    No need to be a rat.
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    just tell him all that happen, if you tell the truth theres nothing to remember.
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    This buffoon was copying my answers on a Social Studies test once in Middle School. About halfway through, I started intentionally answering every question incorrectly. I wish I could remember some of the questions and my answers. My answers were completely ridiculous! If the question was about a ruler from the 1600's, I'd give the name of a politician from the 1990's! If it were about an ancient civilization, I'd answer the with the name of a U.S. city. That's how far off my answers were, and he copied every bit of it. I pretended to be checking over my work as he turned his in. When he sat back down I started erasing everything. He asked me what I was doing, and I said "Sh--, man, I don't know what I was thinking. I answered every damned question wrong. Good thing nobody in their right mind would copy off me!" Oh, man, he was PISSED!! He's around 24 and works at Wendy's now, by the way!
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    Chip NoVaMac

    That doesn't work with many Codes of Conduct schools now have in place.
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    If it's a big lecture, you could probably say that you aren't too sure who the girl is, but that some girl was trying to copy off of you.
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    i think you are doing the right thing and telling the prof... i regret not telling the prof in one of my courses in my second year at college that half the class (all student althetes and members of a certain fraternity) was cheating on the major exams... the TA was in on it, he would get the answer key before hand and give it to them to study before the exam. I started to think something was up when I heard that these guys were getting the previous years' exams somehow (totally legit, because you get the exams back at the end), and when i approached one of them to ask them if i could study with them, he refused... i only found out a couple years later when a friend left that frat.

    to this day i do not trust structural engineers and i am a bit harsher on them than i am on other engineering consultants. I am also wary of people who were in fraternities...

    -the toaster
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    This is very common for frats and sororities.

    This has been extensively documented in our school's newspaper, but nothing was done about it.

    It's really up to the profs to give different exams each year, but of course if that was the case, the frat or sorority people wouldn't take the class.
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    good move, alerting the prof. some schools have a clause in their honor code whereby you're responsible for reporting any cheating you see. even if the prof identifies her as the cheater and you as the innocent party, you might still have been held in violation if you hadn't said anything about it.
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    where possible, tests and quizzes should be essay...not multiple choice and T/F...that's for high school

    and for math tests, there should be different versions so no one can cheat

    i don't think a prof could kick a person out of school anyway
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    Accounting is like maths, aren't you suppose to get the SAME ANSWER.

    People are way to conservatiive here.

    And if you knew she was cheating why not go back and improve on your answer?

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