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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by geoffism, Feb 3, 2006.

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    help please. working in AI CS2.

    I'm trying to take a text logo - the word Chemical - and have it dissolve on the bottom into little droplets that get smaller & smaller. I can make it "fade away", but not create the effect of fizzing or carbonation.

    Any suggestions?
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    First of all, I would not do this in Illustrator.

    I'm not going to try it right now, but in general I would try making a second layer of the word, in Photoshop, rasterizing it, removing the top portion that you want to look normal (so the bottom layer shows through) the laying across the top of the text some white grid lines, with varying thickness and spacing to suit your "dissolving" into ever smaller particles. This will get you square particles. Then experiment with Photoshop Selection, Feathering and filters to round out the edges of the particles to suit the shape you want to see.

    Other ways might be use of the Crystallization or other Filters.

    You can also create a gradient Adjustment Layer to graduate the fade out. Adding some Noise may help randomize it too.
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    hacking away

    Thanks CR. I'll def play with that.

    The worry that I had to do it in PS was using it later. I always try to use AI for all my logo work.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll post the result.
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    If you set the resolution and image size quite high if you are worried about having to blow up the logo to a larger size at a later date just shrink the photoshop original (unless your designing for big billboards or the side of vans).
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    Eventually you will run into issues with your logo if it is raster based. If you can get the effect in photoshop that you want, get a selection of it and send the path back to illustrator and make it a vector.
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    Yeah... I agree with you and it is a direction that i have considered (I'm not against using PS for logos, just partial to AI).
    My bigger question still exists though, I'm trying to figure out how to create the effect of the logo dissolving/dissapating into droplets, becoming sparser and sparser.
    Oh well, it might just require a lot of tedious work on my end, didn't know if anyone had a "quick" solution.


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